Wednesday 28 February 2018

Facebook Author and Reader Groups

By Jenny Blake | @ausjenny

Today I want to talk about another idea that connects readers and authors. Author groups and pages. On Facebook there are some good groups and if used right can create a bond between readers and authors which benefits both. I am in several groups and they fall in to a few categories.

1. Active.
2. Semiactive
3. Inactive

The first group is the best of the best. I am in several that I participate in daily. They are closed groups. Two main ones I am in are both run differently. The first one is administrated by readers along with the author. We often have questions to answer to get to know others better. The author also comments regularly to and shares details about her writing journey, but the group isn’t just about her books. In fact, she rarely mentions her books except when one is being released but its not a hard sell or constant posts.

Another group I am in the author is the administrator and does most of the posts we comment on. She does share about her books but like the first group has other posts. She tends to have some jokes; inspirational memes and we have fun. We have written short stories where she will start with a sentence and others add a sentence and we get some very interesting stories. It’s a fun way for authors to get to know readers and visa versa. It makes us want to support the authors.

The second group is another Facebook group. This time the group is semi active. Here the author again has a group and will post for a while, then you hear nothing for weeks. They are most active when they have a book out and tend to over push their books and I have tended to leave several due to the fact they are more interested in selling their books than getting to know readers and to use readers to help them build a platform.

The third group I think speaks for itself. I recently checked my setting for group and I was surprised how many author groups I am in that haven’t posted in over a year. These groups are not going to attract readers and if they do they won’t for long. They have missed the mark regarding marketing and interacting with readers.

Readers are loyal and support authors they think respect them and treat them well. We may join some groups to support an author to start but then will turn of all notifications. I admit I do this when the group is only a hard sell group.

Do you have a Facebook group or page? Are you a member of any and if so do you enjoy participating in them?

JENNY BLAKE (aka Ausjenny) is an avid reader. When not reading she enjoys watching cricket, in fact you could call her a cricket fanatic, scrapbooking and jigsaws. Her health has means she isn't reading as much as she would like but she does what she can to promote books. Her book blog is where she reviews books and interview authors. Her goal is to help promote new books and encourage authors. Her blog is at


  1. Yes Jenny. Have joined several for different reasons. Have been selective and enjoy them all as long as I don't expect more than the reason they were formed in the first place and the reason I joined. I'm glad some are less active than others or I wouldn't be able to keep up!. Avoided inactive ones from the beginning.

  2. Thanks Rusty, I joined a lot but am now being a lot more selective and many I do not participate in at all. With the inactive ones I joined they did start out with a few posts a week and then they just dropped off to the point I had completely forgotten I was a member.

  3. Hi Jenny, Thanks for sharing your perspective. I don’t have a reader group connected to my author page, but I’m an admin on ACW Facebook Groyp (for writers and readers) plus an admin for the new Christian Romance Reader Gathering connected to the Inspy Romance Group blog. I enjoy chatting with readers in the groups plus on my group blogs in the comments. :)

    1. I gave been to the Inspy group also the new Love Inspired group both are good although I tend to get behind on those groups. One of the groups I am in has even started a weekly check in for our health goals for the year. We check in each week to say how we are doing and encourage each other. When you have a goal with others to help it makes it easier to stay on track. I feel I have more accountability this way and helpful for me. I think having a group of a few authors works well at the LI group they have 2 authors a week as hosts which I would say saves burnout. The worst issue is many I am on are American so when I post its later than others.


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