Thursday 25 September 2014

The Doctor's Return - by Narelle Atkins

Amazon blurb:

Megan Bradley Is Putting Down Roots …

After years spent traveling the globe, she never expected to be back in her hometown sharing an office with her former sweetheart, Dr. Luke Morton. Megan is focused on building her business, and doesn't have time to dwell on past mistakes. But she can't ignore her feelings for the handsome doctor who works down the hall. 

Luke is afraid to trust his heart to Megan, knowing she may not stay for long. But as they work together, their romance quickly rekindles. When a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes her way, Luke must free Megan to choose between a big-city career or love and family…right there in Snowgum Creek.

Andrea’s Review:

There are a number of reasons I enjoyed this book. Number one, it’s by our own Narelle Atkins J Second, it’s about Luke, a character from a previous book who intrigued me back then, and I like spin-offs. Third, I have a thing for broken romances being made whole, especially when it takes place years down the track. I enjoy the tension created by those situations and Narelle didn’t disappoint. Fourth, it’s set in rural Australia.

It’s obvious this book is written for the American market; some of the sayings and phrases are definitely not Australian, eg. mom rather than mum, grill as opposed to barbecue, but I loved that. Why? Because the setting is pure Australia and it means our USA friends get to read all about our wonderful country. Narelle’s descriptive writing makes Snowgum Creek a character in its own right. I really want to go there!

For me, this is a coming-of-age story. Readers will know of someone just like Megan, or even relate directly to her. She has done exactly what she wanted – travelled the world, and experienced life outside of Snowgum Creek – but at the expense of her relationship with family, friends, God … and Luke. Coming back to her hometown is a challenge to say the least, one she’s not sure she’ll be able to see through, especially when an enticing opportunity comes her way.

Luke is glad to see her, but wary of entering into a relationship with Megan again. And why wouldn’t he be? Regardless, his love for her is stronger than his misgivings, and he risks his heart once more.

Even though the characters in a romance must get their HEA (Happy Ever After), the resulting up and down journey had me turning the pages faster toward the end to make sure they did.

The Doctor’s Return is a sweet romance, and I highly recommend it. Here’s hoping there are more Snowgum Creek novels to come.

Thank you to Narelle Atkins for providing a free book for review.

About Andrea Grigg:

Andrea writes contemporary romance. Her second novel Too Pretty was released on August 1 by Rhiza Press. Her first book A Simple Mistake was a finalist in the CALEB Awards 2012

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  1. Great review, Andrea. Snowgun Creek is collecting a faithful fan base.
    Congratulations, Narelle, on another winner. :)

  2. Thanks, Dotti :) Andrea, thank you for reading and reviewing The Doctor's Return :)

    1. My pleasure, Narelle. Looking forward to the next one :)


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