Tuesday 19 May 2015

Getting to know Kiah Stephens, Australian Author

By Jenny Blake
Today we are getting to know Kiah Stephens a little better. Kiah is an Australian author.
1. Can you tell us a something interesting that readers may not know about you?
 I have been a vet nurse, a beautician, and a photographer. My father is a Pastor, and I grew up on a farm with 3 sisters on the beautiful NSW coast. Also, the feet on the cover of Anchor of Hope, are mine and my husbands :) 
2. Do you get to read many books and if so do you have a favourite Genre?
 Yes, I enjoy reading a variety of genres – Christian romance, non-fiction, mystery, thrillers. My favourite genre would have to be Clean Romance.
3. How do you come up with ideas for books?
 I like to imagine my stories as films and try create similar plots, turns, twists, and scenario's that drive the story and encourage the reader to want to read on. I write what appeals to me, and the things that I would consider interesting to read.
4. In your latest book did you learn any interesting tidbits in your research?
 Yes I did actually. I had to research a train timetable for my main characters who were traveling from New York to the Oregon in 1946. I'm so grateful to have access to writers forums, and to be able to email locomotive experts. (Jenny here wow that sounds interesting)
5. What does a typical writing day look like?
 A typical writing day for me is being able to sit down, with some peace and quiet, and type away. Sometimes it's difficult to get started, but once I'm 'in the zone' I can type for hours straight, and I love it.
6. If you had one tip for aspiring writers what would it be?
 Just begin. There's a lot to learn – and I'm only a very new writer myself so I know I still have so much to learn, but I'm taking chances and doing it. I may never be a best-seller, but I'm OK with that. I'm doing something that I love and enjoy, and that in itself is enough of a reward.
7. What do you hope readers take out of your latest book?
 My latest book, Grace, which is currently unpublished, is a story of God's grace and mercy on the main character, who is aptly named Grace. Grace also has ties to my first published book, Anchor of Hope, as the main character's grandmother. When I wrote Anchor of Hope I knew that I would end up writing Grace's story at some stage, and I'm so glad I have, because I think she has a wonderful story to tell.
8. Do you have a place you love to visit or would love to visit?
 I love the beach. I love just sitting on the sand and watching the waves roll in. That being said, after writing the Sweet Home series, I would love to visit Sweet Home, Oregon.
9. If you could have a meal with 3 living people who would you choose and why?
 If I could choose to have a meal with 3 living people, I would choose Ravi Zacharias because I find him so intelligent and inspiring. I often listen to his podcasts and love learning about God through his messages. He has an incredible way of explaining the scriptures, finding logic, and exposing the true heart of Christianity.
Francine Rivers because she is one of my favourite authors. I understand she originally wrote a few books prior to becoming a Christian, and I think she would have any interesting story to tell – her own.
And, finally, my own family – my husband and children. I delight in them and thank God for them everyday. What more could I ask for?
10. Finally can you tell us about your current book and/or any that will be coming out soon. Also where we can find you on the web.
Anchor of Hope is the first book in the Sweet Home Series. It is a story about love, forgiveness, and hope. It is a Christian Romance and follows the events of my main character, Ashley Harper, as she learns to re-evaluate her life, her choices, and her beliefs. It is a modern story, and to begin with Ashley is not a Christian, in fact, she doesn't particularly even like Christians. She has experienced a lot of pain in the past and felt let down by God. She doesn't have a lot of self value, but the male main character, Jay, helps her to once again know the true meaning of love, forgiveness, and hope.
Book 2 in the series still needs to be edited, but will be released as soon as possible.
You can find me at
Thank you so very much,
Kiah Stephens

JENNY BLAKE (aka Ausjenny) is an avid reader. When not reading she enjoys watching cricket, in fact you could call her a cricket fanatic, scrapbooking and jigsaws. She volunteers at the local Christian bookshop where she can recommend books to customers. Her book blog is where she reviews books and interview authors. Her goal is to help promote new books and encourage authors. Her blog is at and is Co-Founder of


  1. Hi Kiah,
    It's always lovely to meet other Aussie Christian authors. Congratulations on your recent publication. You live in a beautiful spot. I visited coastal NSW some years ago, and have been hanging out to get back ever since (I'm from Adelaide). Hope to hear more from you, and thanks to Jenny also, for the interesting interview.

  2. Thanks for the interview with Kiah, Jenny.Good to here about your work, Kiah.

  3. Good to know about another Aussie writing Christian Romance, Kiah, and a big welcome to ACW. I couldn't resist and have just bought your Anchor of Hope. I noticed the variety of reviews on Amazon and was good to see so many good ones there.

  4. Thanks all for stopping by to encourage Kiah she will hopefully be by later to check the comments.

  5. Hi Kiah--lovely to read your interview here, courtesy of Jenny. Congratulations on completing that first book--I think the cover looks great too! I'm sure your parents are very proud of what you have managed to do. God bless!

  6. Kiah, hi … great to have you along. Congratulations on the release of Anchor of Hope, a fabulous achievement.

    Jenny, thanks for introducing us to Kiah.

  7. YAY, for more Aussie authors! Congratulations Kiah!

  8. I got to "know" one side of Kiah reading Anchor of Hope (very good - I'm sure you'll enjoy it, Mary). Now I get to see a different side with this interview - thanks for joining us, Kiah!

  9. Reading in a variety of genres strengthens a writer by broadening their perspective and suggesting new ideas. Best of luck as you continue writing, Kiah!

  10. Kiah has tried to reply but blogger doesn't like her today. But I know she is happy to have had the comments.

  11. This comes from Kiah

    Thank you all so much for the encouraging words and support. I look forward to growing, learning, and developing my writing skills further.
    God bless,

  12. Kiah and Jenny, great interview! My husband has family in Oregon and it's a beautiful part of the world. I'll hope you'll have an opportunity to visit :)


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