Tuesday 30 June 2015

Christian Writers face to face and all in one place!

By Jenny Glazebrook

How can I best describe what we are offering through the Australian Christian Writers' Conference this year?

Fellowship? Definitely. Fun? Unavoidable. But so much more than that. Every Christian writer needs support, encouragement, training and pastoral care. We were never meant to go it alone. This conference is an opportunity for all these things. You will meet editors, publishers, and fellow writers. We cater for all writers at every stage of the journey whether multi-published, pre-published, and even those with no intention of ever being published. If you are a Christian and write (doesn't matter what you write) we want to see you there!

And this time we offer something more – our Friday Intensive, providing a full day of personal consultation and editing of your manuscript. We have experienced authors and editors lined up, waiting for you to submit your writing so they can share their wealth of experience and knowledge. To take advantage of this opportunity, please go to our website. Authors who have taken advantage of this opportunity in the past have appreciated the pearls of wisdom and treasure of knowledge offered on the day. Many now have their books published. We highly recommend this!

For the rest of the weekend, we have a great variety of workshops, presenters and topics – way too diverse to list here, but believe me, we cater for YOU. Again, go to our website to see these in detail.

If you are disappointed that you are unable to come to the full day Intensive on Friday, we still offer half hour editor appointments over the rest of the weekend. We also have publishers taking appointments to talk to you, their potential future authors. So make sure you book in through our website!

It is well known that writers make the best readers so we also have a Light the Dark book shop at the conference with all the newest titles. Authors can arrange to sell their books through Rochelle at the bookshop (more details on our website).

There are so many more exciting things I want to tell you about the conference, but at past conferences I've learned valuable things like sticking to my word limit so I'll stop. For further details and all the other things I really want to tell you, go to our website.

Registrations are open NOW!

Oh, and I think I might have mentioned we have a website.

JENNY GLAZEBROOK is the published author of the Aussie Sky Series (Blaze in the Storm, Heart of Thunder, Clouds of Prayer and July release, Mist of the Morning) as well as Nobody Hugs Rod Green. Three of Jenny's works have been finalists in the CALEB competition and one shortlisted. Jenny has a passion for Australian Christian writing and a desire to encourage other writers. You can find out more about her and her books on her website


  1. This will be my fourth conference, which tells you how much I enjoy them!

    It's great to meet like-minded people (and great to meet them as full-sized people, not just Facebook or Google thumbnail images!). I enjoy meeting new people, and reconnecting with people I've met at previous conferences. One of the things I like best is that it's a small conference, which means I get the chance to talk to most attendees over the weekend, which is great for discussing points the speakers have raised.

    Thanks, Jenny, Susan and team for all the work you put in to organise this.

  2. I'm so looking forward to it again. I don't have the finances to go to conferences often, and find it a blessing that this one is possible each year. Thanks Jenny, for the work which you, Susan and the team put in.

  3. As a writer I was always find the conferences so encouraging and inspiring.

    And I'm also passionate about Australasian Christian publishing generally. Our industry may be small but by networking and supporting one another we can make an impact in the overseas markets.

  4. Love your enthusiastic post, Jenny--and thanks for all the work you and the rest of the committee are doing for the upcoming conference, which I think will be my sixth or thereabouts. I'm looking forward to catching up with folk again and listening to workshops, as well as presenting one of my own.

  5. Hi Jenny, Thanks for visiting ACW and sharing with us about the upcoming conference. I'm looking forward to it :)


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