Friday, 22 July 2016

Words within a Word

 Playing with words is an enjoyment to me. Scrabble (sometimes win) Boggle (my daughter always wins) and those words to unravel in the paper always appeal. I was writing a sentence the other day and wrote the word saviour (English spelling not American). As I looked at it I wondered what words it held within it. So, guess what, I went looking.

After I found all that I could I was impressed by some of their implications for my spiritual life and wellbeing. So I went to the Word and found a few verses to validate my thinking. Then I decided why be selfish and not share this enjoyable past-time. Hope there might be something in the following which blesses you, at least for a moment in your busy day.

Saviour, the English spelling of the word, gave me the following words. Each single letter isn’t be used to spell out something. Rather, I looked for words I could make out of the existing letters. You may be able to discover more (I didn’t include ‘is, us, as.’)

Air. Our. Savour. Sir. Soar. Via. Vis. Visa. Visor. VOR.

I found these to be so appropriate for my spiritual life. When Jesus became my Saviour I knew that in Him I was saved and kept. Across the years I also found the truth the words listed above express about my/our relationship with Jesus.

Air: I was spiritually dead until Jesus breathed the breath of life into me.

Our: As Lord He has allowed me and you to say “Our Father who is in Heaven…”

Savour: In my natural and godless state I was foul. Jesus cleansed me and gave me His fragrance. He has made me/us a sweet smelling savour to our Heavenly Father.

Sir: A knighthood term I’d like to apply to all who have made Jesus their Lord. He has commissioned us to royal service and to walk worthy of our high calling.

Soar: Many references tell us that in God’s sight and by His grace we ca soar like an eagle within and above our circumstance. (Isaiah 40:31)

Via: This reminds me that there is only one way to Heaven’s glory. That is via Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth, the Life. (John14:6)

Vis: is Latin for ‘force/power’. Jesus calls us to be His witnesses. To do that we need His power. The Holy Spirit and His word is the source of power we need to be faithful and true witnesses.

Visa: To enter into another country we need its permission. Only when our proof of eligibility to entry is determined can the visa be granted. When I/you enter into the presence of our Almighty God and His eternal territory what proof of acceptance do we have? The seal given to us when we trusted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. (Ephesians 1:13-14,)

Visor: Protection for our eyes and therefore for our mind and spirit. We look at life through the visor of his Word. Our Worldview is dictated by how Jesus looks at it.

VOR: This word stands for ‘very high frequency omnidirectional range giving bearing.’ How fortunate we are that our Lord ad His word can reach us, guide us and hear us wherever we are. As the Psalmist put it ‘He will guide us with His eye.’ However, we must be on the same frequency to hear or sense His presence. Be aware of that which causes interference and remove it quickly.

There is just so much bound up in our relationship with Jesus Christ we should be constantly amazed. I guess that’s why I enjoy not simply playing word games, but searching God’s Word. It tells me more and more about what He has in store for you and me which is waiting to be discovered.

©Ray Hawkins July 2016.

Author of seven (7) ‘31 Day Biblically themed Devotionals’. The new one is ‘The Warrior Lord’s Sword.’


  1. Ray, wow. Thank you for sharing your research. Isn't that incredible how many words are in "saviour" How clever is God.

    1. Hi t you also Ian. As you will see it is Ray who is writing not Mary although her face appears. I'm using her computer as I cannot get online with mine. If research = fun then I've done it. Maybe a first for me. Anyway, thanks for your encouragement. I agree God is clever giving us languages to express His ideas to us. May we continue to have eyes to see God's surprises to us through words.

  2. What an inspired and inspiring post, Ray! I'd never thought of that ...

    (Personally, I prefer Scrabble to Boggle as well.)

    1. Hi Iola (I haven't had a make-over -I'm using Mary's computer as mine is having issues) Thanks for your comment.

  3. Lovely to think of all those great words within the one Word - and I love the meanings you tease out of them. Now for the Greek (or Hebrew) word :)

    1. thanks Jeanette. (I'm on Mary's machine - mine has problems) Good going with the Greek words - though I do enjoy the word pictures the Greeks seem to lock into their words.

  4. You'd like my poem Exhausted which has a sentence in it: "Haste has exhausted us":