Monday 18 December 2017

Best of the ACW Archives ~ Introducing NetGalley

By Iola Goulton

A few weeks back, I posted a link to NetGalley to the Australasian Christian Writers Facebook page, and someone responded, “What’s NetGalley?’ This post is for you (and anyone else who is wondering!).

What is NetGalley?

NetGalley is a service to provide “professional readers”, including book bloggers like me, with electronic versions of upcoming releases. Trade publishers have produced paper Advance Review Copies (ARCs) for years, mailing them to newspapers, magazines and key review sites and influencers in the hope of gaining favourable pre-publication reviews. Amazon led the rise of the customer reviewer, and the Kindle made expensive paper versions even more of a luxury. Why mail paper, when you can email a file?

This is where NetGalley comes in, providing secure electronic ARCs to over 215,000 booksellers, media, librarians, educators and reviewers who use NetGalley, with around 50% of users visiting the site more than nine times a month (I admit: I am one of those).

Read more at the following link:

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