Wednesday 10 October 2018

It's Conference Time

It’s conference time!

Over the years, Omega Writers conference has continued to grow and develop as a highlight for Australasian Christian writers.

 This year we are in Adelaide, South Australia, and there are a host of new South Australian delegates signed up to take part in our offered workshops and presentations. 

Writing can be a lonely place sometimes, where our main company comes in the form of imagined characters. Coming back to reality after a day of adventure, danger and romance in interesting places, can sometimes be a bit of a thud. Family members (who do not share the thrill of writing) often don’t understand that sense of satisfaction a writer feels after having crafted a whole scene inclusive of drama, dynamic interaction and magnificent detail. Some non-writing family members might be dismissive of their loved-one’s literary efforts, wondering if it is just a huge waste of time. After all, it is a rare member of our ranks who will break into best-selling status, where their writing is in hot demand and likely to bring in a sensible income. The rest of us write because of our passion to write, and often times it is a glorified hobby that may end up costing us money.

So when we begin to build relationships with other writers, connecting particularly with those who write in a similar genre and medium, it is like finding—in the words of Anne of Green Gables—a kindred spirit. 

Some kindred spirits here - Fiction writers and friends
Over the years, I have found those kindred spirits in our ranks of Omega members, and I truly love catching up with them at conference time.

 This year, I am super excited to meet some members of a new class—our screenwriters. I have been part of Omega Screenwriters for the last number of years, yet we have never had opportunity to meet face to face. For me it is exciting to see another medium of writing and production finding a place in our conference.

Have you registered yet? Don’t miss out on our once-a-year focus-on-your-gift fest. You will meet new literary friends, and you will get heaps out of the planned workshops. If you write fiction, non-fiction, children’s stories, young adult fiction or if you are a screenwriter, there are presentations designed just for you. Added to this, there are focused sessions on marketing, for those of you who have your product ready to launch. Getting it into the hands of readers is your next big challenge.

For information on all of our presenters and workshops, please visit the Omega Writers’ website:

I look forward to meeting you (if you’re not one of my kindred spirit buddies already). If you have not yet registered, now is the time to do it. Register here.

Many blessings

Meredith Resce
Omega Writers Australasia

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  1. I'm really looking forward to it :)
    Haven't been able to make it to Sydney for the last two years so can't wait to catch up with everyone.


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