Tuesday 16 October 2018

Tuesday Book Chat |16th October 2018 | Narelle Atkins

Narelle here. Welcome to our ACW Tuesday Book Chat where we encourage book lovers to answer our bookish question of the week. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Please join in the conversation in a comment on this post or in a comment on the blog post shared in our Australasian Christian Writers Facebook Group.  

Let's chat. Which lesser known Christian author do you wish more readers knew about?

I'll start the conversation by saying I think there are dozens of local authors in our part of the world who are yet to be discovered by local and international readers.

Rose Dee and Andrea Grigg write amazing contemporary romances. Amanda Deed writes fabulous historical romances. Meredith Resce is a talented author who writes in multiple genres. Mary Hawkins has published both historical and contemporary romances over the last few decades. Jeanette O'Hagan has a new fantasy ebook releasing at the end of October.

Kara Isaac is an international award winning author of contemporary romantic comedies. Carolyn Miller now has nine lovely regency romance novels either listed for sale or on pre-order at Amazon. We have two debut Aussie authors, David Rawlings and Jessica Kate, who have multi-book contracts with a large US publisher and debut books releasing in 2019.

My list could go on and on. Who is on your list? 


  1. Hi Narelle, Among those whom you've mentioned are those I know personally - Andrea Grigg, Mary Hawkins and Jeanette O'Hagan. I would also like to add a few others such as Anne Hamilton, Jo-Anne Berthelsen, Jo Wanmer and so many others, including myself. Thank you for promoting us.

  2. Hi Josephine-Anne, Our lists could go on forever. Too many great authors and not enough time to read all their books or list all their names here, lol. :)

  3. Paula Vince has always been one of my favourite Australian authors, and all of the above as well. Also enjoyed Susanne Tmpani. American authors- Sally Bradley, Kristen Heitzmann, and recently have been enjoying Rosanna White. They are not as well known but are excellent authors.

    1. Hi Meredith, They’re great additions to the list, and I believe Sally Bradley has a new book coming soon. :)

  4. So many books and so many authors! I've suggested 10 on my blog:

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Narelle. Some many fantastic authors. I've read and greatly enjoyed most of those recommended, both in the post and the comments (especially Paula Vince, Adele Jones, Lynne Stringer, Amanda Deed, Rose Dee, Anne Hamilton). I'd also add Adam David Collings (sci-fi), Nola Passmore, Cindy Williams, L D Taylor, Hazel Benn, Ruth Bonetti, David Malcolm Bennett, Roseanne Hawke, Mazzy Adams, and, of course, Narelle Atkins.


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