Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Tuesday Book Chat | 20th November 2018 | Narelle Atkins

Narelle here. Welcome to our ACW Tuesday Book Chat where we encourage book lovers to answer our bookish question of the week. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Please join in the conversation in a comment on this post or in a comment on the blog post shared in our Australasian Christian Writers Facebook Group.  

Let's chat. Have you discovered a new favourite author this year?


  1. Hi Narelle. I’ve just got into Kristin Hannah. My first of hers was the Great Alone - a really excellent example of how deep POV can carry you away to wherever they lead. I’ve got a few of her books now on cue to listen to. X Jay.

    1. I may have read one or two of her earlier books, but I’ll definitely check this one out for the reasons you’ve mentioned. :)

  2. Hi Narelle,

    Yes, I'd have to say my favourite Australasian author for this year is Kara Issac. I have had her beautiful debut book 'Close to You' for a while now, but recently managed to begin reading it. So delightful! I cannot wait to write a review :-)

  3. Yes! I’ve read all of Kara’s books (my favourite is Can’t Help Falling) & I’ve pre-ordered her early 2019 release. :)


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