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ACRBA Tour Joy by Kirrily Lowe with Interview

21 - 15 October


(Wombat Books August 2010)


Kirrily Lowe

About the Book:

"I've lost my joy where could it be?"
Come with our little girl on a search to find her "Joy".  Is it under the apple tree, is it out to sea, or is it in something that we cannot see?  A message for little ones and big ones – where do we go to find joy when we have lost it.

About the Author:

Kirrily Lowe is the author of The Invisible Tree series of children's books - a delightful and fun series seeking to capture great and timeless values for little ones.

Kirrily began her career as a lawyer working with children in Sydney’s Western Suburbs.

She is now the pastor together with her husband Tim of C3 City Campus - a dynamic and creative congregation in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Kirrily began writing in 2010 whilst at home with her young children.

Kirrily lives in the northern suburbs of Sydney with Tim and her 3 young and lively boys.

Interview with Kirrily

1.    Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up on Sydney's Northern Beaches.  As a child I was passionate about changing the world and dreamt of becoming a criminal lawyer – defending the underdog.  After 6 years of study I began work as a criminal lawyer in Western Sydney, and specialised in working with children who committed crimes. I loved this work, however at the age of 24 after a seven year period of feeling quite lost pursuing my own dreams, I yielded my life to God, and my heart changed dramatically.  I hungered for God and His word, and I was convinced that this was the answer to the cry of every human heart. I sensed that God was calling me to pastoral ministry – and so I switched full time work as a lawyer to full time bible college.  After a number of years I met my husband and joined him in planting C3 Church City Campus in Darlinghurst Sydney.  For the past 13 years we have led this wonderful, dynamic, creative congregation in the heart of Sydney.  During this time we have had 3 boys – Sammy, Harry and Elijah – and I have released 4 children's books - "Love", "Joy", "Peace" and "Patience". 

2.    As a child did you have a favourite children’s book?

 I loved the book "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry – although I probably discovered this book as a searching teenager.  As I child I loved May Gibbs and her tales of the Gumnut Babies.

3.    Where did you get the inspiration for your book Joy?

After I gave birth to my 3rd child Elijah I was consistently quite sick, and I felt God start to teach me about the power of joy – this became a message that I would share with our congregation.  At the time I wrote a little poem about the source of joy.  It is this poem that has become the "Joy" book.

4.    How did you find writing a children’s book and how did you go about it?

I never planned to write children's books, but I always enjoyed writing poetry.  After I read the poem "Joy" to our congregation many suggested I should make it into a children's book.  I thought about this and could see ahead of me a beautiful series of children's books based on the fruit of the spirit in Galatians 5:22-23.  So I prayed, chatted to friends and began to research what was involved in creating a children's book.

5.    What would you like readers to take out of reading your book?

I would like readers to understand that through all the circumstances of life, there is a joy that can be found in God's presence that will strengthen, sustain and empower.

6.    A fun question to end, If you were to recommend somewhere in Australia or New Zealand for readers to visit where would it be?
I am a big fan of Byron Bay and the North Coast of NSW.

7.     Where can we find you on the web?


  1. What a lovely little book! So many children do not have joy. I think this is a book pertinent to our time. Excited for you Kirrily

  2. Kirrily and Jenny, thanks for the interview :) It's nice to meet another Northern Beaches girl. My daughter and I liked the positive and encouraging theme in the story.

  3. Hi Kirrily, great interview. The 4 books sound like a delightful reflection on attributes the Spirit desires us to possess.

    Lovely seeing a fellow C3er on the blog too.

    PS. My son, Dan, is getting married at GITC in March.

  4. Great interview, girls! I love the sound of this series. What a sweet way of encouraging little ones to look for what God has for us all.

  5. Enjoyed the interview Jenny and Kirrily. I just reviewed this today on my Write and read with Dale blog.


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