Friday 11 October 2013

Author Interview: Becky Wade

By Ellie Whyte

Becky Wade is a graduate of Baylor University and is the author of contemporary romance novels My Stubborn Heart and Undeniably Yours

During her childhood in California, Becky frequently produced homemade plays starring her sisters, friends, and cousins. These plays almost always featured a heroine, a prince, and a love story with a happy ending. She's been a fan of all things romantic ever since.

These days Becky can be found failing but trying to keep up with her housework, sweating at the gym, carting her kids around town, playing tennis, hunched over her computer, eating chocolate, or collapsed on the sofa watching TV with her husband.

The following is a 2013 interview with Becky.

·        Tell us a little about yourself.

I was raised in southern California, but now live in Dallas, Texas with my husband, three children (ages 12, 9, 4) and one gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

·         What inspired you to become a novelist, and did you always want to write?

No, I didn't always want to write but I did always love to read.  Shortly after my husband and I were married, we followed his job to the Caribbean island of Anguilla.  The government there restricted me from taking a job that would have otherwise gone to a local.  So I volunteered, started playing tennis, kept house, watched Days of our Lives, and read books.

As it happened, I came across a book I disliked so much and I looked at it and thought, "I wonder if I could do this better?"  That idea, the idea of trying my hand at writing, took hold.  I sat down and started a manuscript.  

Well... I was terrible!  I'd imagined that I could write, but until I tried it myself I had no inkling how difficult it would be.  That first novel and the one that came after were never purchased by publishing houses.  Steadily and slowly, though, as I learned the craft and continually practiced, I began to improve.

·        What do you think is significant about Christian fiction?

Christian fiction is significant because it does what we were all put on this planet to do -- it glorifies God.

I really do regard my work as a ministry and I constantly pray for God's equipping and guidance as I'm writing a manuscript.  I think the faith story in my books gives them a depth and meaning they wouldn't otherwise possess.  

·       How do you hope your readers react to the stories you write?

I hope they can't put them down.  I hope they fall in love with the heroes and relate/sympathize with the heroines.  I hope the romance sweeps them away.  I hope my books make them laugh, get teary-eyed, and praise the Lord for His great love.

·        What has been the most surprising aspect to becoming a published novelist?

That everyone in my family still looks to me to grocery shop, cook, clean, and do all the laundry. That publishing books is as fun and deeply exciting as it is.

·         How has being a novelist impacted your relationship with Christ?

It's grown my faith.  It's daunting to take on the task of writing an entire novel!  Especially for a mom of three. 

Each day, before I write, I hit my knees and pray.  I confess to God that I've taken on something so big that I'll fail unless He is in it.  Then I give it over to Him, put my fingers on the computer's keyboard, and step out in faith that He'll lead me to write the book He envisions.  

·         Other than being a novelist, what other goals do you have for your life?

I hope to raise kids who will follow the Lord's call on their life.  I want to revisit Europe.  I'd love to have a little lake or beach house one day.  I want to keep my body fit and (maybe ironically) I also want to eat more chocolate.

·         As a writer, what influences have inspired you the most to write, and continue writing?

Wonderful books have most inspired me to write.  I LOVE the feeling I get when I'm immersed in a book that I can't put down.  That's what made me book crazy from a very young age and that's what eventually motivated me to try my own hand at writing. 

I continue writing because of my passion for the work.  It's tremendously challenging, but it's also creative, and deeply rewarding.

·         Every writer struggles with various aspects of their writing journey. What has been the most difficult aspect of writing for you, and what comes the most naturally?

The most difficult aspect for me is writing to a deadline.  I'd prefer to write books at my own slow pace and take days or weeks off whenever the mood strikes.  I've had to balance that preference with the demands of the job title "Professional Author".  The trick I'm always attempting is to keep the writing fun and feeling like a joy, while still maintaining the output that my publisher and I have agreed to.

The part of the process that's the most natural for me is revisions.  When the first draft is complete, I have no difficulty taking off my writer hat and putting on my editor hat.  On some of my books, the time I've spent rewriting has been similar in the length to the time I spent writing.

·        What is one piece of advice you would like to give to aspiring writers - either something you adhere to, or something you wish you had known when you started writing?

Stay true to what you feel led to write.  If you do, your voice will sing and your reader's will pick up on your enjoyment and enthusiasm.  Don't let the market or critique partners or judges or your own insecurities stop you from penning the book God is calling you to pen.

·        As a reader, which stories excite you the most to read, and do you have any favourite novelists?

I'm most excited by romances, and not the light and breezy ones.  I like love stories that put the characters through the ringer, that make me cry, that force the hero or heroine (or both) to make sacrifices.  Some of my favorite novelists are: (from the general market) Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Shana Abe, Lisa Kleypas, Laura Kinsale, Kristan Higgins; (from the Christian market) Deeanne Gist, Susan May Warren, Katie Ganshert. 

·        What are some of your most favourite places on the internet to visit, that help challenge you as a writer, and encourage you as a reader?

Facebook is my favorite place to connect with fellow authors.  I feel as though I've grown friendships there with so many writers that I've yet to meet in person!  Whenever someone posts about a writing struggle or about some aspect of a writer's life that I can relate to, I'm reminded that I'm not alone.

I'm encouraged as a reader by Goodreads.  I could spend ages on that site, reading about different books, checking out what my friends are reading, browsing through reviews, etc.

·         What can you tell us about your most recent and upcoming novels?

My most recent novel is entitled Undeniably Yours.  It's about an heiress named Meg Cole who inherits, among many other things, her father's horse ranch.  She determines to shut the ranch down, but soon begins to wonder if the ranch manager, handsome cowboy Bo Porter, is the one thing she should fight to keep. 

So many of the struggles that would have faced a wealthy woman and poor man in, say, Regency England, still applied to my two modern-day Texas characters.  I enjoyed watching them struggle against their conflicts on their way to discovering that despite all their differences they were undeniably perfect for one another. 

My next three novels will tell the loves stories of Bo's three siblings.  Meant to Be Mine will release in the the spring of 2014.

·        Do you have any parting words?

My husband and I were fortunate to live and work in Perth, Australia for a year.  We absolutely loved our time there and remember it with great fondness.  The people we met were so friendly, warm, and accepting of us.  I connected with a group of writers in Perth that I still keep in touch with to this day. To say the least, I'm a fan of your part of the globe.  

Thanks, Ellie, for inviting me to answer these interview questions for ACW.  I'm honored!  Happy writing, everyone. 

Visit Becky's Author Portfolio Page at Soul Inspirationz // Christian Fiction Site to find links to her website and other online hangouts, as well as her list of books and a Featured Author Interview.


ELLIE WHYTE is a long-time supporter of Christian fiction and is the founder and owner/operator of Soul Inspirationz // The Christian Fiction Site which relaunched after a 5-year hiatus in January 2013. Ellie also has aspirations for her own writing career, and has begun working on a project set in New Zealand in the 1850s.

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  1. Ellie & Becky, great interview! I totally agree that deadlines are challenging, and professional writers don't have the luxury of writing only when they feel inspired. Thanks for visiting with us :)

  2. I really enjoy an interview where you get to know the person! I like what Becky said about remaining true to what God is calling you to write and to not let market or judges or critiquing partners or your own insecurities stop you.

  3. Great interview Ellie & Becky. Love the fact Beck you've spent time down under. Perth is a wonderful city (my wife's mum lives there) and it's great you continue to keep in touch with people you met. May you one day return and perhaps to the East Coast..

    Wishing you all the best in your writing, Becky. And Ellie, thanks again for another excellent interview.

  4. Thanks, Ellie, for interviewing me for this new Australasian Christian Writer's blog! It's lovely to visit you all here. Narelle - it's the truth isn't it? If only I could avoid deadlines and write only when I wanted to. Instead, professional writing is this challenging melding of creativity and business. I'm always trying to achieve the right balance of the two.

    Rita - I saw a quote on Pinterest yesterday that said, "Write like nobody's going to read it." I love that! I'd amend it only slightly to, "Write like nobody but God is going to read it."

    Ian - good to see you here. Perth IS a wonderful city. I remember that just about everywhere I'd drive in the city, I'd have a view of water (either rivers or ocean). Such a lovely place. I'd certainly love to return one day. I also had the opportunity to visit Melbourne and Sydney during our time in Australia, but all too briefly.

  5. Thanks for an interesting interview and also suggestions of other authors to read.

  6. Better late than never to comment! Thoroughly enjoyed the interview, Ellie and Becky. Thank you. I love knowing what's going on in author's heads :)

  7. Better late than never to comment! Thoroughly enjoyed the interview, Ellie and Becky. Thank you. I love knowing what's going on in author's heads :)


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