Wednesday 9 October 2013

Just Write!

By Melissa Gijsbers

Over the last few months, I've been questioning my abilities as a writer, wondering if I've been fooling myself that I'm any good at this whole writing thing. I've even been wondering if I belong in Christian writing groups because I don't write "Christian" stories...

Mostly what I've been writing have been flash fiction - or really short stories - rather than a novel. I haven't been able to finish one of those. This has also led me to question whether or not this writing thing is for me.

In all my questioning, I completely lost my writing mojo, instead second guessing myself. That was before I saw some of my flash fiction in print, and having more stories accepted for another flash fiction anthology. Maybe writing flash fiction is OK after all.

The biggest lesson I've learned through this time is to just write. If flash fiction is your thing, then write that. If it's a novel or blog post or article or poem, then write that. If you set out to write, then the words will come. If you over think things, then that's when the words are more likely to stop.

I took some time out and set myself the goal of writing a piece of flash fiction every day. This has been great as I've just been writing. A few themes are coming out and I would love to publish a couple of anthologies, but for now, I'm happy just writing for the fun of writing.

Melissa Gijsbers lives in Melbourne and writes in between working as a bookkeeper and being the mother of two active boys. In August 2013, she had 3 fractured fairy tales published in Teapot Tales: a unique collection of fairy tales. Follow her writing journey at


  1. Thats awesome Melissa. I spent a couple of years writing a submitting flash fiction. I learnt so much in that time. Congrats on the upcoming anthologies

    1. Thanks Michelle. I'm also finding that flash fiction fits well into my life at the moment - kids, work, etc - writing short pieces at a time takes less hours than writing something longer.

  2. Know that feeling you were talking about, Melissa. Hope you enjoy writing your flash fiction.

  3. Melissa, great counsel. Just write, even if at first its gibberish. Turning up each day is the only way the Spirit can work through our fingers onto the keyboard. It's wonderfully reassuring knowing the the Spirit is instep with us, but we need to take the first step (or first type?).

  4. Melissa, congrats on your flash fiction anthology releases! 'The biggest lesson I've learned through this time is to just write.' is very wise advice. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I know some authors do this and submit to women's or other magazines and make a little money this way to help with expenses etc.

  6. Congratulations, Melissa. I'm thrilled for you and love your attitude. I'm so glad you didn't give up ~ even when the mojo faded.
    Dotti xx

  7. I was going to try & reply individually, but really need to head off to bed!
    Thank you all for your lovely comments & congratulations on the anthology :)


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