Tuesday 7 January 2014

2014 New Releases Preview

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the Australasian Christian Writers blog members. We have a number of books scheduled for release in 2014 in various genres. Today we will give you a sneak peek at the books you will see on the shelves during the year.

Too Pretty by Andrea Grigg will be released in August. 

Gawain and the Four Daughters of God: The Testimony of Mathematics in Cotton Nero A.x by Anne Hamilton will be released in February/March. 

The Days are Numbered Book 1: Daystar by Anne Hamilton will be released in July/August.

Rebecca's Dream by Carol Preston (sequel to Suzannah's Gold and originally self-published) will be released in March. 

Her Outback Cowboy by Mary Hawkins will be released later in 2014, date tbc.

Imogen's Chance by Paula Vince will be released on April 1. 

Dynamic Ageing by Ray Hawkins will be released in February.

Signposts to Happiness by Ray Hawkins will be released later in 2014, date tbc.

Falling for the Farmer by Narelle Atkins will be released on February 4.

The Nurse's Perfect Match by Narelle Atkins will be released on May 6.

The Doctor's Return by Narelle Atkins will be released in August.

Narelle Atkins has a November release, title tbc.


  1. So many books to look forward to! Congratulations everyone.

  2. Congratulations to everyone who has a release this year!

  3. Very exciting for everyone. And the covers we can see all look great!

  4. I'm very excited to see so many and such a wide variety. Both of my books have been works-in-progress for more than a decade. In fact, the children's fantasy has been a work of nearly two decades. It's very fulfilling to see them so close to fruition.

  5. How exciting. Congratulations to all.

  6. Great to see what is on the 'must get menu for book lovers.
    Wish each writer many avid readers and therefore great promoters of your work.

  7. I can't wait! I'm looking forward to every single one. Writing by Aussie Christians is alive and well. Those cover glimpses make it all feel so close.

  8. Congratulations to everyone who has a new release in 2014! Hopefully we'll add more books to the list as the year progresses :)

  9. Wow, such a great list of authors and books to look forward to. Congratulations, and may there be many more to come. :)

  10. Wonderful to see so many new titles this year already. Her Outback Cowboy manuscript is currently with a professional editor having a structural assessment. It is my longest manuscript and been revised, rewritten and edited so many times I know it needs fresh eyes and mind. Has anyone else felt like that about a manuscript? Of course I'm hoping it won't need too much more doing to it!

  11. Huge congrats to all. Plenty of reading material there.

  12. Congratulations everyone!! Disappointed not to see mine, with the others, though!

  13. Rhonda, Narelle put up info she is given. She puts up new releases each month


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