Thursday 16 January 2014

Book Review: Falling for the Farmer by Narelle Atkins

By Andrea Grigg

Kate Lawson is a Runaway Bride

And she's incredibly grateful when Jack Bradley offers her a job on his apple farm. Working side by side in the orchards with her best friend's brother seems like the perfect way to get over her disastrous engagement. Until Kate finds herself falling hard for the handsome farmer.

Jack Bradley knows city-girl Kate isn't here to stay. Yet suddenly he's imagining a life with her in the country. When Kate considers going back to the city, can Jack find a way to show her that her real home is here on the farm, by his side?

Andrea's Review

Being an avid reader of romance, I had been anxious to get my hands on a copy of Narelle’s debut novel, Falling For the Farmer. And I wasn’t disappointed.

The first page had me intrigued—how was poor Kate going to deal with the fallout from being a runaway bride? And as soon as the lovely Jack was there to catch her, I had to find out more about him too.

Kate is trying to find out who she is after her world is turned upside down by her momentous decision. There’s a lot of conflict for her to deal with, in the form of relationships and circumstance, and being a resolute young woman, she meets her challenges head on, determined to stand on her own two feet.

Jack appears to have his life in order. His orchard keeps him busy, he’s recovered from the breakup of a long term relationship … and then he falls for Kate. But is that wise? For starters, his heart is at risk. Kate’s already left her fiancĂ© at the altar—can she be trusted? Also, she’s a city girl, and they don’t do so well at adapting to country life.

I’m not going to tell you any more than that but I will tell you I thoroughly enjoyed being taken along on Kate and Jack’s journey as they negotiated the ups and downs of their relationship.

‘Love Inspired’ books are category romances, shorter than the average stand-alone novel, and therefore perfect for a holiday read.I would recommend Falling For the Farmer for any reader of romance.

I’m looking forward to Narelle’s next release, The Nurse's Perfect Match in May 2014 and The Doctor's Return in August 2014.

Thank you to Narelle Atkins for providing a free review copy.

Andrea Grigg lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and is a writer of contemporary Christian romance. Her first book, A Simple Mistake, was published in April 2012. Recently retired from primary school teaching, Andrea is currently writing her second novel, tentatively entitled, Too Pretty. You can find out more at her website ( or connect with her on Facebook or Twitter (@andreagrigg).


  1. Good review, Andrea. I'm also lucky enough to have read an advance review copy of Falling for the Farmer, and I really enjoyed it (and I'm not just saying that because I know the author!).

    1. Had to smile, Iola, cause I too know the author. A good review and so agree with Andrea. Loved this first book by Narelle and really looking forward to the next two in this series and then her next 3 book series she has already received a contract for - a real achievement for a previously unpublished author!

  2. I'm another happy reader of Falling For The Farmer! Great review, Andrea and congratulations, Narelle on your debut romance. I loved the apple orchard setting and know many outside Australia will enjoy the glimpse of our Aussie landscape.

  3. I have my ARC too, which I'm looking forward to reading.

  4. Andrea, thanks for your review, and thanks also to everyone who commented. I appreciate the support I receive from ACW for my writing :)

  5. Thanks everyone, and congratulations to Narelle on an excellent debut novel :)

  6. Can't wait to read it Narelle! Thanks for the review Andrea

  7. Sounds a lot of fun. Thanks for the review Andrea.


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