Tuesday 11 February 2014

February New Book Releases

Dynamic Ageing by Ray Hawkins (Even Before Publishing, February 2014) 

Discover how to make the ageing experience into an adventure. Join the Lord's plan for ageing dynamically. Understand why God's seniors are priceless. God's grace for dynamic ageing more than compensates for physical limitations. 

Falling for the Farmer by Narelle Atkins (Love Inspired Heartsong Presents, February 2014) 


And she's incredibly grateful when Jack Bradley offers her a job on his apple farm. Working side by side in the orchards with her best friend's brother seems like the perfect way to get over her disastrous engagement. Until Kate finds herself falling hard for the handsome farmer. 

Jack Bradley knows city-girl Kate isn't here to stay. Yet suddenly he's imagining a life with her in the country. When Kate considers going back to the city, can Jack find a way to show her that her real home is here on the farm, by his side?

Eating Heaven: Spirituality at the Table by Simon Carey Holt (Acorn Press Ltd, October 2013)

Sitting down at a table to eat is an activity so grounded in the ordinary, so basic to the daily routines of life, we rarely ponder it beyond the simple inquiry, ‘What’s for dinner?’ However, scratch a little deeper and you discover in eating one of the most meaning-laden activities of our lives, one so immersed in human longing and relationship that it takes on sacred dimensions. 

A trained chef, teacher, social researcher, minister of religion and homemaker, Simon Carey Holt draws on experience and research to explore the role of eating in our search for meaning and community. To do so, he invites us to sit at the tables of daily life – from kitchen tables to backyard barbecues, from cafe tables to the beautifully set tables of Melbourne’s finest restaurants – and consider how our life at these tables interacts with our deepest values and commitments.


  1. Congratulations Ray, Narelle and Simon! What lovely covers :)

  2. Of course I know those first two books, Narelle and Ray. LOL. Simon, just went to the Acorn site and blurbs. Looks intriguing and one to look for. All the very best with it.

  3. I'm also familiar with the first two. I am intrigued with Simon's concept. Come to think of it, Jesus had a great ministry with situations comprising food. We've also enjoyed a ministry of dinners and coffee mornings sharing the Gospel in a relaxed atmosphere.

  4. Congratulations Ray, Narelle and Simon, for three books very different from each other. Great way to begin the year. Being a bit of a foodie, I agree with the others on wanting to chase up 'Eating Heaven.'

  5. Thanks everyone for your congrats. Annie wrote an excellent review on Eating Heaven on our blog last year, if you want to learn more about this fascinating book.

  6. Congrats also to Ray and Simon on your book releases.

  7. Congratulations to Narelle, Ray and Simon.

    I heard Simon read an excerpt of Eating Heaven at the launch of his book. Fascinating reading!


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