Wednesday 5 March 2014

Christian Writers Conference

by Susan Barnes

*Quote from Shauna's blog is used with permission

I have read many blog posts and articles about the value of writers' conferences. In general the reasons for attending are: networking and up-skilling. Conferences are great places to meet other writers, swap ideas and encourage one another in what can be a lonely occupation. There is also the opportunity to attend workshops, learn new skills and become a more effective writer. If it is a Christian conference then there is the added bonus of receiving spiritual input and prayer. 

I have attended two writers' conferences in the last couple of years and found them so valuable that I was keen for there to be one this year. Consequently I have found myself on the organizing committee for the Christian Writers Conference being held in Bacchus Marsh (near Melbourne, Victoria) from 24-26 October. The committee is excited about the variety and quality of the expressions of interest we have received so far from presenters interested in running workshops. There will be workshops covering fiction, non-fiction, editing, publishing, reaching secular audiences, motivation, spiritual hindrances, to name just a few. So mark the date in your calendar and anticipate a valuable time. 

Expressions of interest forms are still available for those who would like to be considered as a presenter but you need to be quick as the closing date for submissions is 12th March 2014. Please email: conference4christianwriters (at) gmail (dot) com 

 A draft timetable and other details about the venue etc. are on our website: 
Bookmark the site as more details will be added in the following weeks. 

Thanks ACW for the opportunity to write about the Christian Writers Conference. Hope to see you there.

Susan Barnes likes to write inspirational articles, book reviews, and reflections on Bible passages and regularly blogs at She is also a librarian.


  1. I've been to the last two conferences as well and thoroughly enjoyed them. Conference is a great opportunity to meet the people in those thumbnail photos in real life!

  2. I agree, Iola! Thank you Susan for taking the time to help with the conference this year.

  3. The conference is already booked into my diary!
    Looking forward to spending time with other writers passionate about faith and excellence in what we produce.

  4. Good for you Susan. I hope you don't have any sleepless nights pulling it all together. I'm sure the attendees will have a rich time of fellowship in every sense.

    I have always enjoyed meeting the real people behind the "words".

  5. The first World Word Writers conference I went to a couple of years ago transformed my whole writing experience from a isolated writer with occasional casual contact with other writers (through QWC) & a small handful through Writing Course to connecting and networking with an active, encouraging, inspiring community of Christian writers. I learnt a lot at the camp - but it pales in comparison to what I've learnt since through those ongoing contacts and new writers groups.

  6. Already in my diary! And that's fitting it into a crowded year of speaking engagements, book signings, and meetings to promote my new book out in April - oh yes, I'm keen!!

  7. I love writer's conferences! I always learn something new and valuable.

  8. Hi Susan, Thanks for visiting ACW and providing us with information on your upcoming conference.

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments and your encouragement. Really looking forward to catching up with those of you I know and making new friends with those I haven't met "in person".

  10. Thanks Susan for letting us know about it. Good on you for taking on the job.

  11. Looking forward to seeing everyone in October. Thank you for putting up your hand Susan and organising such a big event.


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