Tuesday 21 October 2014

From The Editor's Desk: Introducing Kris Argall

Please welcome Kris Argall to our blog today. Kris has answered a few questions regarding her freelance editing business.

Narelle: Do you trade under a business name?

Kris: Yes – ‘Wordthreads Editing’

Narelle: How many years have you been freelance editing?

Kris: Five years.

Narelle: Where are you based? (Your city and/or state and country.) 

Kris: Heathmont, an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne.

Narelle: Do you have editorial experience from working with publishers? (If yes, please provide the publisher’s name, your length of employment, and your roles within the organisation.)

Kris: Yes – I have been working as a part-time editor for Acorn Press Limited since 2006. I became the Senior Editor at Acorn Press in 2011.

Narelle: What kinds of writing do you edit (e.g. novels, articles, poetry, non-fiction) and what genre/s do you specialise in?

Kris: I edit mostly non-fiction – books, academic theses, journal papers and material for websites. Just recently, I edited my first fiction novel.

In terms of book genres, I edit mostly Christian non-fiction, including biographies, histories, comparative religion, Bible studies and theology.

I have also edited theses on a range of subjects, but mostly in the broad areas of biology and psychology. Examples of topics include music improvisation, diagnosis of autism, cellular healing after bone fractures, damage to body cells after explosions, remuneration for nurses working in Saudi Arabia, sleep apnoea, legal issues surrounding oil spills, microflora in coeliac disease, marketing and retailer preferences, amphetamine use and digital media literacy.

Narelle: What kinds of editing do you do? Do you specialise in certain types of editing?

Kris: A mixture, depending on the job and the needs of the client. It can range from proofreading and copyediting through to structural editing.

Narelle: What books have you edited? (Please list up to 8 books, including the book title and author name.)

Kris: Some of my most recent books include:
  • The Songs of Jesse Adams by Peter McKinnon (Acorn Press, 2014) 
  • The Wisdom of Islam and the Foolishness of Christianity by Richard Shumack (Island View Publishing, 2014) 
  • Eating Heaven: Spirituality at the Table by Simon Holt (Acorn Press, 2013; Shortlisted, CBOY 2014) 
  • Babylon’s Cap: Reflections on the Book of Revelation by Michael J. Godfrey (Wipf & Stock, 2013) 
  • The War against Apathy: A Family’s Battle with Autism by Heather Anne Bloom (Mosaic Press, 2013) 
  • Economics for Life: An Economist Reflects on the Meaning of Life, Money and What Really Matters by Ian Harper (Acorn Press, 2009; Winner, CBOY 2010) 
  • Christianity alongside Islam by John W. Wilson (Acorn Press, 2009; Runner-up, CBOY 2010)
Narelle: Who are some of your clients? (Please list up to 8 clients who may be published or pre-published, and include their blog/website address.)

Kris: My clients include:
Narelle: How do you edit? (eg. Paper, Word with Track Changes, etc.)

Kris: My preferred method is using Microsoft Word and making the most of its Tracked Changes and Comment Box functions, although I have also edited pdf documents.

Narelle: How can a prospective client contact you to receive a quote on your editing rates and services?

Kris: They can contact me by telephone (03 9729 3693) or by email (

Narelle: Do you offer a free editing sample, with no obligation? If yes, what does this encompass?

Kris: Yes. I do a sample edit of 500 words and send it back in pdf format.

KRIS ARGALL is the Senior Editor at Acorn Press, where she has been working part-time since 2006. AP is a small independent press based in Melbourne that publishes books written from a Christian perspective. Kris also runs a freelance editing business, Wordthreads Editing.

Before becoming an editor, Kris majored in Zoology and worked as a research biologist at the University of Sydney. After moving to Melbourne in 2003, she worked as a university tutor before undertaking in-house training at AP. Now she spends her time editing a variety of material ranging from non-fiction books to PhD theses.

Along with her husband Tim and three children, aged 20, 18 and 15, she worships at Heathmont Baptist Church in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. When reading for pleasure, she reads the next book on her book group’s list or something from one of her favourite genres, including fantasy and young adult fiction.


Kris, thanks for visiting with us today. We welcome our blog readers to ask any general questions they may have in the comments. Please contact Kris directly using the contact information listed above if you have a specific question regarding a particular project or manuscript


  1. Hi Kris, great to learn more about you. I didn't realise you were a Melbourne girl! :)
    I'm reading The Songs Of Jesse Adams right now. A great book!

    1. Thanks Dorothy! Actually, a Melbourne girl for the last 11 years, and before that Sydney, and before that Canberra!
      I'm so glad you're enjoying 'Jesse Adams' so far ;-)

  2. Great to read more about you, Kris. What a deep and varied lot of writing you have edited! That must have been challenging for you but also very interesting.

    1. Hi Jo-Anne, good to touch base again! I think an editor's life is quite a varied one, when it comes to the content we edit. Yep, certainly challenging, but every now and then you are given a job which makes it all worthwhile!

  3. Ah Kris, I am so interested to know of your Zoology background. I have written a historical adventure/romance with a character who is searching for a creature thought extinct. This covers the area of cryptozoology which is rather fun.

    1. Rita, fancy that! Zoology has always been a passion of mine, although I don't get to spend much time in this area any more. Sadly. Cryptozoology? That's certainly an area that I have never explored ... well, not yet, anyway.

  4. Good to learn more about you and your work, Kris. I'm hoping we'll get a chance to catch up at the upcoming conference.

  5. Me too, Iola. I heard about you when I first began receiving fiction manuscripts but didn't want to edit them. It was tricky trying to find a fiction editor familiar with Christian content, but then someone recommended you!

  6. Hi Kris, thanks for visiting ACW today and sharing your experience with us.

  7. Nice to hear more about you Kris and see a face to put to the name. I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing one of those books you have edited The Songs of Jesse Adams by Peter McKinnon shortly. It is currently in the to read pile.


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