Tuesday 18 November 2014

ACRBA Blog Tour The Songs of Jesse Adams by Peter McKinnon

16 - 20 November 2014
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The Songs of Jesse Adams
Acorn Press

Peter McKinnon

About the Book:
Set in the turmoil of social change and political unrest of Australia during the 1960s, The Songs of Jesse Adams traces the meteoric rise of a boy from the bush – a farmer’s son who breaks away to follow his heart, his dreams and his love of music. But, as Jesse travels with his band and the crowds gather, it becomes clear that something else is afoot. This rock singer captivates and transforms a host of fans who hear his songs and encounter his touch. 

Lives are changed in unexpected ways and the enigmatic Jesse becomes a symbol of hope and freedom for those on society’s edge. But not all will celebrate the rising tide of influence of this charismatic figure whose words and actions challenge those in power – the media, the politicians, the church. In one tumultuous week this clash of ideals comes to a head – with profound consequences. 

Awash in all the protest and collapse of conservative Australia, the colour and madness that was the sixties, The Songs of Jesse Adams is a tale of conflict, betrayal and tragedy, but ultimately the triumph of love.

*Warning this book contains some language that some readers may find offensive*

About the Author

For seventeen years, Peter McKinnon held senior roles in some of Australia’s largest corporations, with a focus on human behaviour and organisational effectiveness. This culminated in his appointment in 1999 as Executive General Manager, People & Culture, of Australia’s then largest financial organisation, National Australia Bank.

In late 2006, Peter was approached to head up the global human resources function of  World Vision International(WVI), based in Los Angeles. WVI is the world’s largest humanitarian aid organisation, with over 40,000 employees in 100 different countries and countless volunteers working in highly diverse and challenging settings.

When he returned to Australia in late 2009, he committed to pursuing his creative interests more directly and began to write. ‘The Songs of Jesse Adams’ is the result.

Peter has been published in publications as wide-ranging as the ‘Age’, ‘The Australian Women’s Weekly’ and ‘4 x 4‘ magazine and regards winning a Pacific cruise for his writing as his crowning achievement in this field ! He has also written and produced several musicals.

Peter is a qualified psychologist, has studied theology, worked briefly as a minister and served on the Council of the MCD University of Divinity.

He lives in Melbourne with his wife Julie. This is his first book.


  1. This is one book I definitely want to read. It reminds me a bit of Paul Gallico's The Man Who Was Magic and the film Jesus of Montreal- but in a historical Australian setting.

    1. Now you have my attention, Jenny! I've just hoisted the book a few notches up my to-read pile!

    2. I have a review of it on my write and read with Dale site. It went up today if that is any help Jeanette.

  2. Jeanette and Anne, you have my enthusiastic encouragement to do so! :-)

  3. Congratulations Peter on your novel. A fabulous achievement. Your novel sounds like it would make a great TV drama.

    1. Ian, thank you so much for your encouragement. I must admit that when I was writing it, I was trying to use a 'cinematic eye' in an effort to 'show' rather than 'tell' - so you never know! Baz Luhrmann where are you...? Seriously, I really appreciate your kind words, Ian.

  4. I posted my review today for the ACRBA Tour on my blog at

    Peter's book is different to the typical Christian fiction book, and is written more for the general market than Christian readers.

    1. Thanks for taking the time, Narelle. I appreciate your thoughts and have posted some comments at your blog.


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