Tuesday 15 September 2015

Adult Colouring Books with Kayleen West

Today we welcome Kayleen West to the blog to talk about adult colouring books. Welcome Kayleen.
1.  Can you tell us something interesting readers may not know about you?

I have a book ministry where I distribute copies of Adoptive Father to children all over the world. In each situation the children desperately need books and even more so, to hear the message that they are loved and accepted by an adoptive Heavenly Father. I have managed to distribute thousands of books with the help of ministries and book sales. I am also working on translations and e-versions to multiply the message globally.

2. Can you tell us where the inspiration to create an Adult colouring book came from?

The book was created from a break from publishing projects. I felt God wanted me to explore my creative ‘playtime’ without a work agenda for a period. I ended up creating organically creating suitable illustrations for a colouring book for adults. I knew it would be a positive experience for others and felt God pointing to it one day. Several Christians confirmed it as the style evolved and became apparent to others!

3. How do you hope your book will be used?

I hope it will encouragement and uplift the spirits of others.  I am working with a few people on projects that could help disadvantage and disabled folk in several ways. It has been mind-blowing to see how my humble stumble into colouring books will potentially help multitudes of people!

4. I have noticed from reading a recent article this is a new trend with many uses. Has it been something you have wanted to work on for a while?

No I wasn’t following a trend – I fell into it. I am rebellious like that – I like to be authentic in all I do and not get too influence by what others are doing. It just happens to suit the work I was creating – predominately the ink work. I began inking late last year and fell in love with black line! I am still growing in this area and incredibly excited about all the future artwork in my head. I know the next 12 months will be a huge advance in my art as a result and itching to get into my studio much more! I love to draw most of all and to be honest – colouring pages and now working in colouring pencils for illustrations are an excuse to draw more!

5. Do you have to create more books of this type of book?

I don’t have to but I am going to. I am already working on another now. I would like to do a Christian one too. But I also want to do my next children’s book in pencil. I already have a particular manuscript I am hungry to develop for publication.

6. What was the process of creating this book?

Designs evolved from my sketchbook exploration and illustration journaling. I draw prolifically; sketching most days and sometime several pages in a day. I compiled quotes, writing and images from these and recreated them to make clean artwork on the computer and convert them for print. I also created much some of the design digitally. The printing process is explained a little in a short video I did and can be found here:

In saying that, the next one is being created even more traditionally.

7. Now for a fun question do you have a favourite place to visit in Australia or New Zealand you would like to share with the readers (and maybe be added to the list of to be visited by our international readers).

Tough question! I LOVE New Zealand. I finally had my dream trip there realised on my honeymoon 5 years ago. There are so many beautiful places to see but the countryside triumphed! I think it is the same for in Australia too. I love the countryside; anywhere farm-like or village-like is somewhere I feel at peace. I’m a country girl at heart.

8. Where can we find you on the net

I’m active on social media-mostly Facebook. I’m not just promoting my work but interacting regularly in select groups. I love to mingle when I can. I don’t tweet very often though.

My website/blog can is 

 JENNY BLAKE (aka Ausjenny) is an avid reader. When not reading she enjoys watching cricket, in fact you could call her a cricket fanatic, scrapbooking and jigsaws. She volunteers at the local Christian bookshop where she can recommend books to customers. Her book blog is where she reviews books and interview authors. Her goal is to help promote new books and encourage authors. Her blog is at and is Co-Founder of


  1. I'm fascinated by adult coloring books but have yet to acquire one for myself. I did give one to my 10-year-old very artistic granddaughter last spring, and she LOVES it! So interesting, Kayleen! Jenny, thanks for having her on your blog!

    1. Hi Myra,

      I am a bit hooked myself now. Incredibly I hadn't used coloured pencils much at all until I did the book. Once I started playing with them I wondered why! I am finding the colouring gives me permission to chill out more and good to do when you are with other people. I went to a colouring group the other night and really enjoyed it.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Myra, I think the look like fun too and having a Christian one is really good. I have chronic pain although not as bad as some but some who share what I have are finding these books a blessing in helping deal with the pain.

    1. Thanks for featuring me and my work Jenny. To clarify the colouring book isn't Christian as such although a couple of quotes refer to encouraging messages in scripture. In saying that I created it with the heart of a Christian; to encourage and lift up others.

  3. Kayleen, good on you for exploring this creative outlet and also how you are using your gift to help others. My wife is an avid fan of the colouring books and judging by the best seller lists at Dymocks one gets the impression they are here for a while yet which is great news.

    I love that they are now being extended across to Scripture and that we're seeing creative alternatives to studying the Bible which is gotta be a positive thing. Something that helps Scripture to soak into our hearts and minds is great.

    And thanks Jenny for featuring Kayleen on ACW.

    1. I hope they are around for a long time Ian so I can keep doing pages - I love it!

      To clarify the colouring book isn't Christian as such although a couple of quotes refer to encouraging messages in scripture. In saying that I created it with the heart of a Christian; to encourage and lift up others. I do want to do one with scripture though.

  4. Hi Kayleen, I haven't got into this latest trend of adult colouring books - I'd rather draw or paint my own images - but I love your work. Wonderful that God has blessed you by challenging you to explore your creative playtime and then providing an outlet to bless others through it.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jeanette. I'm just glad you have a creative outlet also. Drawing and painting your own original work is even better.

  5. I love to read about the way you go for the things God puts on your heart to do, Kayleen and how you are using all that creativity in you to bless others. It must be wonderful for you to think of all the joy those books will bring to others as you go about creating them. And thanks for giving us this glimpse into Kayleen's world too, Jenny.

    1. I love Kayleen's illustrations and am hanging out for her books. I think they are far superior to the ones I found in the newsagent.

    2. Thank you Jo-Anne. I think we are all blessed to be a blessing. It comes full circle. I get so much joy when I see anything I do impact others positively. I truly believe that is the very essence of living, and it's in that, I feel most alive. It has become a game for me to look for opportunities to surprise strangers with an little art blessing. I'm having so much fun on my Facebook illustration page doing that now. Unexpected gifts of kindness are the best!

      I really didn't expect the colouring book to be so valuable but rapidly seeing it's potential. It is getting difficult waiting for it now!

    3. Thanks for the glowing compliment Elizabeth!


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