Friday 25 September 2015

The Original writer is God!

God is the artist extra-ordinary and unrivalled.  When it is stated He created humankind in His image, the Lord imparted aspects of Himself. As writers, I believe our Lord planted this ability within us as a seed which would need to grow, blossom and bring glory to Him with blessings to others. That is for another day to consider. This piece aims to highlight what God Himself wrote.

Open Bible Web small.jpgThe Scriptures specifically state the Almighty wrote a number of items. I would like to quote the second article, as I see it, and finish with what, again to me, is His first. When the Lord called Moses up into the Mount He gave him two stone tablets. ‘The tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, engraved upon the Tablets’ (Exodus 32:16). This was done by His finger.

Jeremiah is often called the prophet with tears. True. However, even in the book of Lamentations is that most wonderful promise of chapter 3:22-23 ‘The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.’ How could Jeremiah say that? Israel was shattered with many of the people taken to captivity. Because of a promise Yahweh, who sees the restoration of the Nation. At some period known only to Him the Lord promised to write His law on the hearts of Israel (Jeremiah 31:33). God keeps His word! That is where hope is born, nurtured and grows.

The next time the Lord God of Hosts writes on a wall. Is He the classic graffiti artist? However, what He wrote was ‘mene, mene,tekel, parsin’ (Daniel 5:5,24). Babylon was judged and would be thrown down that very night. God again keeps His word. He had said the captivity would last 70 years and it was fulfilled. God is not only redeemer He is Sovereign and He is the Judge.

Time passes and the Lord of Glory enters our realm as the Babe of Bethlehem, Emmanuel. Jesus is recorded, only once that I can see as writing. John 8 says He wrote twice in the dirt. What was written is unknown (but that hasn’t stopped speculation). Whatever it was, those would be stone throwers took fright and left the woman to the mercy of the Lord.

Our digital age helps me understand the storage of God’s book He has compiled. My computer holds so much which appears at a touch. How the Lord keeps His ‘files’ isn’t mentioned, but if it was on paper, wow! Imagine what sized storage facility would be needed. This final insight into Yahweh’s writing is three fold, but is actually the first He wrote. In many ways it is controversial and for some fatalistic. For me, it is awesome for it stresses the omniscience of our Redeemer.

In Psalm 139:16 the Psalmist claimed God wrote a book about his life even before the man was born. Does that mean God determines our life? Or that He sees and records for some future accounting with Yahweh as the rewarder of faithfulness? Another group of people have a special inscription from the hand of God. Revelation 14:1 calls the ‘one hundred and forty-four thousand’ brigade. They wear His mark on their forehead. As such they have a special ministry and at the end of their service have a new and special song to sing. Did Christ Jesus write the song? I wonder!

In conclusion, we are confronted with the spine-tingling, but also frightening grace of God’s foreknowledge. He has this other book called ‘The book of Life.’ Everyone ever born (and may I respectfully include those still-born) have been recorded. It was from this book that Moses was willing to be scrubbed off to save the Nation (Exodus 32:32). Unfortunately, there will be those, who, because of unbelief and rejection of Christ have been blotted out (Revelation 20:11-15).

Why can you and I have a sense of confidence that this doesn’t apply to us? Simply and only because we belong to Christ Jesus by faith in who He is, what He has done and that He keeps us in His hand. Jesus is the Lamb of God who has inscribed our name in His book Revelation 13:8. (Romans 8:1-39 expresses what He has done, is doing for us because of Calvary and our surrender to His authority).

RNH signing.jpgHow humbled we should be to know God has written our names with His own ‘finger’ in His book of life. As followers of Christ to whom He has given the gift of writing we have much to say about His grace. Whatever genre is ours and however we weave the story, it is our honour to declare His story and grace through the words we write.

©Ray Hawkins September 2015.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful post, Ray. A great reminder of THE Original Author.

    It's great to know He used humans to write and compile His Word to us, and awesome to know He actually wrote the greatest guidelines of all time by His own finger! Think of all the stories of different genres told in the OT. And I'm chuffed because God wrote the first love story in Eden. So as I write Historical Romance I feel I'm in good company!

  2. Good evening Rita. Thanks for your comments. It seems to me that God's love is the first word, middle and climaxing word of His writing I Scripture. Help keep true romance flowing.


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