Friday 9 October 2015

God is!

It is the normality not the uniqueness of God’s miracles that causes them to be so staggering. Rather than shocking the globe with an occasional demonstration of deity, God has opted to display his power daily. Proverbially. Pounding waves. Prism-cast colours. Birth, death, life. We are surrounded by miracles. God is throwing testimonies at us like fireworks, each one exploding, “God is! God is!” This is a quote from Max Lucado’s “God Came Near”.

I was so vividly reminded of the truth of this on our recent trip across to the South Australian coast. Everywhere we turned there were explosions of wild flowers, dramatically beautiful scenery, gorgeous sunsets, examples of God’s amazingly diverse creativity. I found it deeply enriching and inspiring, mentally and spiritually.  

Max Lucado goes on to say “We wonder with so many miraculous testimonies around us, how we could escape God. But somehow we do. We live in an art gallery of divine creativity and yet are content to gaze only at the carpet.

I wanted to share some of what I saw and felt while I was away, particularly because the refreshment of this feast of beauty and gIory seemed to clear my mind of niggles and loose ends, which I’m sure stifle my own creativity, and has allowed me to think, dream and imagine in more productive ways, both in terms of my writing and my everyday living.

When away on a holiday or in a new place it’s easier to be watchful and intentional about soaking up the environment, but in fact when I got home I quickly noticed how my own garden was full of colour and beauty, how blue the sky was and how amazingly pretty were the parrots that flit around our back yard. It’s true, as Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote: “Earth is crammed with heaven, and every bush aflame with God. But only those who see take off their shoes.”

I encourage you to look about and see the glory of God which surrounds us. Immerse yourself in it. Be refreshed. Be inspired. Be uplifted. And let your own creativity flow from the refreshment of the wonder of God’s creation.  

Carol writes historical novels based on her family ancestry in Australia from the First Fleet. They include the Turning the Tide series; Mary’s Guardian, Charlotte’s Angel, Tangled Secrets and Truly Free. Her earlier novels Suzannah’s Gold and Rebecca’s Dream have been re-released by EBP. Her new novel, Next of Kin, was released by Rhiza Press this year. You can see more about Carol and her novels on her website


  1. Beautiful photos and a great reminder, Carol--thank you. We head off for a brief break next week, so I look forward to being similarly enriched and inspired.

  2. Thanks for sharing this and your stunning photos Carol.


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