Thursday, 31 December 2015

Best of the ACW Archives - Book Review: My Brother's Shadows by Hayley Reynolds

By Dorothy Adamek 

My Brother's Shadows will inspire and trouble you. It will move you to grieve and pray, lament and celebrate, be angry and seek God, and finally to the sort of courage and faith Wayne himself so wonderfully displayed. I warmly recommend it to you. 

- Dr Rod Thompson (National Principal/CEO, Laidlaw College)

Hayley was 22 years old when her brother Wayne, then 16, was diagnosed the leukaemia, cancer of the blood. Within a few weeks Wayne also contracted a deadly fungal infection in his sinus, which spread to his left eye and then into his brain.
In this book, Hayley recounts the emotional journey she and her family took as Wayne fought his illnesses, before he tragically passed away 18 months later. It is filled with amazing courage and faith amidst pain and suffering, and finally points towards the ultimate source of hope itself. 

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