Wednesday, 6 January 2016


As Christians we learn to be giving people.With some it comes naturally but others of us, over a period of time, learn how blessed it is to give of ourselves.

That's what we need to do as writers.


That requires honesty. Especially if we are writing not only to entertain, but also to encourage, to inspire and to guide our readers into identifying with our characters.

Why is that so necessary? Hah, I'm sure we've all felt at times, while reading some novel, we just don't want to keep reading. Because the characters are not real...but plastic. The plot may be clever, but if we couldn't care less about the main character, it's hard going. Ah, but if the author has brought out some very real character traits, it makes us curious to find out how they are going to overcome and eventually reach their goal.  If we can identify with them we truly care because we see their struggles, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We wonder how it could possibly have a happy ending if one thing after another makes their journey so rugged.

Now this is where we need to draw on our own life's experience. We need to write in frustration, anger, disappointment, impetuosity and vulnerability. ADD  generosity,  strength, kindness, likeability and always hope. We are a mix aren't we? We all have our ups and downers. So must they. To be real, that is. AND never forget the ever present Temptation. Our characters aren't going to be perfect, well, not if they're human. So you see where we have to dig deep into our own failings and triumphs, even if it evokes a lot of soul searching. I have reawakened things in my own life while writing in my character. Hmm, I have recognised ME and my sometimes wrong reactions.

As Christian writers its our privilege to be able to ask the Lord to guide us in everything we do. Most of all to show that we are real people with real problems with a faith in a real Lord who is able to keep us from falling. Why not use our writing skills to weave this faith into our characters lives?

Write out your best attributes. Wow, aren't you a nice person? Now honestly tally up your not-so-nice failings. Uh-oh,  could one of your characters be like that? Better still, best and worst make for a fascinating character for you to create.   And as they say ... just do it!

Rita's last two novels follow the lives of twins separated at birth who have lived different lives. Like many young women today, they each have to overcome hurdles to find their true love

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A Parcel of Promises:
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  1. Hi Rita, happy new year to you. Such a great perspective in your post. I've found writing my latest manuscript that I've been trolling through some of my stuff in parallel with my main character. As challenging as it has been I wouldn't have missed the opportunity.

    I love how the Lord can use our time writing as His way of helping us deal with some of our muck.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2016.

  2. You are a very perceptive man, Ian. Yes, I think most of us have to dig deep when we're trying to bring our characters into realistic human beings (on paper).

    And a happy and challenging New Year to you!


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