Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Best of the ACW Archives: Those interesting writing questions

By Jo-Anne Berthelsen

To mark the release of my latest novel, The Inheritance, our senior pastor was gracious enough to interview me in our morning service, after which I offered my new book for sale—kind of like a ‘mini-launch’ just for the folk at our church. In the interview, I even managed to sneak in a little plea for people to look for books by Aussie (and NZ!) Christian authors at their local Christian bookstore! 

I enjoyed chatting to people as I sold my books, but just as I was packing up, a rather intimidating lady approached me. 

‘When you have a moment, I’d like to ask you something.’ 

I hurried to finish what I was doing, wondering what her question would be. Had she objected to something I had said in my interview? Did she not like the idea of Christians writing novels? I was ready for just about anything. 

Eventually, she drew me to one side. 

‘I’d like to ask you—how do you write a book?’

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