Thursday 26 May 2016

Review: Proof of Life by Kimberly Rae Jordan

Review by Kathy Smail

Amazon Description

PROOF OF LIFE is book four of the Christian romance series, BLACKTHORPE SECURITY by Kimberly Rae Jordan. Follow the lives of the men and women working for BlackThorpe Security as they face the challenges of life, faith and love.

Ever since leaving the military, Alexander Thorpe has devoted his life to BlackThorpe Security, the company he founded with his best friend, Marcus Black. When his past unexpectedly comes knocking, Alex struggles to shift his priorities and open his life-and heart-to someone he didn't even know existed.

Rebecca Mackenzie thought she had a very valid reason for keeping her son from his father, but when her secret is revealed, she must face the past she ran away from fifteen years ago.

Will Alex be able to surrender his need for control and take on the challenging role of fatherhood? Or will his regret and guilt drive away the two people he needs most in his life? Rebecca wants to hate the man who broke her heart, but she instead finds herself drawn to him. Will she be able to open her heart to Alex once again or will fear keep it safely locked away?

As Alex and Rebecca struggle to deal with their unresolved past and the feelings that have once again risen between then, the search for Alana continues, leaving those involved grasping at straws.


I’ve only recently discovered Kimberley Rae Jordon through the ‘BlackThorpe Security’ Series which is a spin off from ‘The McKinleys’ series. The author’s website says that each book can be read individually and I had felt this was the case with the first three books in this series.

In Proof of Life however there was a particular conclusion relating to Alana that I felt might not have had the same impact if I hadn’t read Book 3 first.

Having said that, I really enjoyed it. Alex had been a bit of an enigma in the first three books so his story deserved the depth the author gave it.

I’m an avid reader of romance books within the para-military genre and although this book seemed to have less focus on the security side of the story, there was significant time given to the emotions that both Alex and Rebecca experienced as they wrestled with their faith position in their life circumstances. There was one element in BlackThorpe’s security reach that seemed a little unrealistic if true to life was desired, but I don’t mind a bit of theatre. I thought that this book had a general emotional depth that wasn’t there in the first three.

I’m looking forward to Book 5 which will be out in June 2016. There will also be a 6th book according to the author’s website.

Kimberly Rae Jordon is clearly a prolific author with at least 20 books as outlined on her website. Proof of Life is published by Three Strand Press in March 7, 2016 and I read the e-book version.

Note: I don’t read blurbs so I can enjoy the story unfolding in the way that the author intended.

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  1. Great review Kathy. Think I'll check out this series, thanks to you :)

  2. Great review Kathy. Think I'll check out this series, thanks to you :)

    1. My apologies Andrea, I didn't get a notification. I've really enjoyed this series :)


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