Tuesday, 26 July 2016

“Should I join Omega Writers?”

I was asked this question by an aspiring writer at Omega’s Toowoomba retreat earlier this year. You would think that as the current president of Omega Writers my automatic answer would be “Yes!” Before I answered though, I asked:

“If you join, what would you like to gain?”

If you want opportunities to meet other Christian writers, from beginner to award-winning, you’ll find them. If you’re looking for workshops and events that can teach you writing skills and encourage you on your writing journey, we can help you. And if you want discounts on these educational and networking events, and to the Caleb Prize, then becoming a member entitles you to them.

These may be some great reasons to join, but I suggest that you will benefit even more from your membership if you also ask:

“If I join, what am I able to give?”

By helping to organise events for other writers, I have not only met published authors who have over 100,000 sales of their books, I’ve worked with them. As a member of Omega Writers, I became aware of several Christian publishers and editors in Australia and New Zealand. Now that I’m more involved, I have regular conversations with those same editors and publishers.

This wasn’t my original reason for volunteering within Omega Writers* but it’s been a fantastic byproduct. I’ve also learned loads and have the ongoing satisfaction of facilitating others in their journey of unlocking their Christ-given dreams, dreams that in their fulfilment bless countless others.

I’ve discovered that it’s more blessed to give than receive. (Now where have I heard that before?) If you think of it in this way, your membership fee becomes part of your contribution to the cause.

How can you help?

Your contribution can be as small as being an active participant in your local or online writing group, becoming a better writer yourself as you help others to refine their craft. These groups all need people to co-ordinate them, which often consists of sending a few emails or Facebook messages and making sure you’re there on time to welcome others. Roles like this don’t require you to be an experienced writer.

Omega Writers' Brisbane Book Fair Venue
We’re always looking for people to help with larger events, such as the Book Fair in Brisbane on September 3rd and the national conference in Sydney this October. You can assist with small tasks such as setting up and staffing the registration table, or you might consider taking a portfolio on the committee.

As Omega grows, we’re discovering the need for roles that weren’t previously required. For example, I’d love to find someone with a pastoral heart to support our group leaders; a strong administrator to facilitate mentorships and critique partners; and passionate people to run smaller competitions in other forms of writing such as short story or screenplays.

If you see a gap, please contact the committee with a suggestion. We no longer have a newsletter in part because we lack the volunteers to make it happen. Imagine the skills and contacts you would gain if you were to give in that way!

Omega Writers is only one part of the landscape of faith-based writing in Australia and New Zealand. Perhaps your skills and availability would better serve AustralasianChristian Writers, Christian Writers Downunder or New Zealand ChristianWriters. Or maybe you should consider bringing salt and light to a secular writing group. Whatever direction God is nudging you, remember that while you may not give in order to gain, you will be blessed nonetheless.

* I’d love to see more Christian writers impact the world through the excellence of their craft and the power of their storytelling!

If you would like to join Omega Writers, visit our website for more details. But don’t stop there! Email us (info@omegawriters.org) to let us know how you would like to become involved.


Simon Kennedy is the current President of Omega Writers. His YouTube Channel, Songs with Simon, has over 17 million hits and one of his TV show concepts has reached the scripting stage with an Australian network.


  1. Simon, excellent outline of the benefits of joining Omega Writers. And thank you for your significant contribution to the group.

    1. Thanks Ian. And thanks for all of the ways that you're a blessing to this community. I look forward to meeting you in person one day!

    2. Thanks, Simon. I'm working towards being at October's Conference for some of the time at least. I trust you'll be there?

    3. Definitely! It'd be great to see you there :)

  2. Great post Simon, thanks. Love your point that by giving we also receive - often in unexpected ways. Appreciate the plug for the Book Fair too - certainly can use some volunteers and/or anyone who would like to be part of our prayer team covering the event. Omega Writers does amazing things with Caleb, the Conference, website, the local writing groups.

  3. Thanks Jeanette.

    It's not letting me "reply" to your comment so I guess I'll make a new one. I was going to mention that you and Raelene saw a gap and initiated the Book Fair as an example but was already over the guideline to word count!

    All the best for your book launch this Saturday!

  4. Great post Simon! Just sent the link to a friend who's thinking about joining :)

  5. Only for Christian writers Down Under? Or is there online/virtual component?