Thursday 13 October 2016

Book Review: Amazing Grace, by Elaine Fraser

Review by Andrea Grigg.

Grace Bradley is in a pickle. A big one. Confused and uncertain, she’s held onto a personal secret for six years, and she needs to tell someone. But who can she trust?

When she chooses to unload on her best friend, she doesn’t get the response she’d hoped for. Things get even worse when her secret gets out and goes viral, because now she has to face her family, in particular, her mother. They used to be close but Grace is pretty sure her secret isn’t going to help bridge the gap in their relationship. Or will it? And what about all Grace’s questions to do with God? How will she find the answers to those?

Amazing Grace is a thought-provoking and insightful novel about a young girl who is unsure of her sexuality and her faith. Consequently, it tackles the controversial subject of being gay and the ramifications within Christianity. (How can God love me? Will Christians accept me? Will I have any friends?)

One issue the story raises is whether we can see someone as a whole person, rather than be blindsided by their sexual orientation. I hope we can.

There are kids out there who feel exactly the same way as Grace – confused, anxious and fearful – and that is why this book needed to be written. Amazing Grace brilliantly captures the struggle of a young woman trying to work out who she is, what she feels, and whether or not God can love her.

In reading the back matter, it’s clear Elaine has a compassionate heart. She hasn’t written Amazing Grace lightly, or just to stir things up, but has come from a place of love. I’m hoping mothers, aunts, sisters and cousins will be brave enough to give this book to their struggling relative and be there for them when they’re ready to talk.

I loved how this book made me think, put me in Grace’s shoes, and caused me to pray. I hope it does the same for many. Elaine Fraser, I applaud you.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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  1. Great review, Andrea, of a book that sounds a must read, especially in this day and age.

  2. Thanks Carolyn. It's definitely thought-provoking and brave:)

  3. Fabulous review, Andrea. Sounds like an especially challenging book to both write and read. Hooray for Elaine.

  4. I thought this was excellent. It tackles a difficult subject in a sensitive way, and it challenged my thinking. Recommended.


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