Thursday 10 November 2016

Review Cowboy Creek Christmas by Cheryl St.John and Sherri Shackleford

By Jenny Blake

Cowboy Creek Christmas
Love Inspired Historical
8 November 2016

Mistletoe Reunion by Cheryl St.John 
When Marlys Boyd moves West hoping to find acceptance for her doctoring skills, she's surprised to find her former fiancé, Sam Mason, running the local newspaper. And with the ladies in town determined to make a match of the doctor and the single father, she's not sure she can resist building the family they once dreamed of.

Mistletoe Bride by Sherri Shackelford 
Pregnant by a man who betrayed her trust, a mail-order marriage is Beatrix Haas's only hope. But when she arrives in Cowboy Creek and learns her intended groom has died, she needs a new daddy for the baby that's coming right away. Blacksmith Colton Werner offers the mother and child the protection of his name, but can their marriage of convenience ever lead to true love?

My Review.
This book is set in Cowboy Creek. It follows three books in a continuum all about mail order brides. These two novellas are stand alone stories but do include characters from previous books. Both novellas are written by authors who wrote in the original series. (I haven't read the previous three books yet but had no problem following the stories)

Mistletoe Reunion by Cheryl St John

This book is features Marlys who is a doctor of alternative medicine and a woman who has moved west hoping she will be accepted. Sam has also moved west to Cowboy creek to run the newspaper with his son. They knew each other previously where Marlys broke off an engagement. I enjoyed the story and how the characters interacted. Throw in a young son who is withdrawn and you have the making of a good story. In fact he stole the story at times. I enjoyed how the story was written and now want to read the first three books.

Mistletoe Bride by Sherri Shackleford

This story is about Beatrix who arrives from Austria heavily pregnant to meet her mail order groom only to find he has been killed and she is about to have her child. She is in a bad way and has trouble speaking English. Enter Colton who can speak German although slowly and is able to translate for her. He also offers to marry her when things are looking bad to give them both his name and protection. We learn Beatrix's story early on but Colton also has some issues he needs to deal with and has been dealing with. I can understand how he feels and why but at the same time wanted him to realise things were not all he thought they were. Sherri has done a good job showing how things that happen to us often affect our thinking and actions long after an incident happens.

If you enjoy Historical romance with a touch of Christmas these novellas are for you.

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