Friday, 23 December 2016

Best of the ACW Archives: Interview with Tricia Goyer

By Dorothy Adamek

The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is a great time to contemplate the goals and dreams for the year ahead. This week I chatted with Tricia Goyer, a very busy mum and prolific writer, who shares her top tips on how to 'get it all done.'

I know you're a mom of six children of various ages, as well as a grandmother. What inspires a grandmother to adopt 3 young children?

That is a great question! I first became interested in adoption about fourteen years ago, when my youngest was only five-years-old. I knew our home could be a blessing to a child who doesn't have a mom and a dad. I mentioned it to my husband and he wasn't interested. I trusted that if/when the timing was right that God would put us both on the same page. About seven years after I first brought up the conversation, John asked me if I was still interested in adopting. God had been working on his heart! We first attempted to adopt from China, but by the time we had finished all our paperwork they had basically shut their doors. After a year of hoping that the situation would change in China I heard the news that IF an adoption would happen it would be 4-5 years. I was crushed! It seemed as if I'd been praying about it forever. After many tears I finally relinquished my hopes and desires to God. I told Him that I trusted that He would bring the right child at the right time. THAT VERY DAY we got a call from a friend. She knew a birthmom who was looking for a family ... were we interested? Yes!

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