Thursday 16 February 2017

Book Review My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains by Susan Paige Davis

By Jenny Blake


Susan Page Davis

Barbour Books
(1 March 2017)

Book Description 
Journey now to Tuscon, Arizona, and into the Superstition Mountains of 1866, where...
 A Chance for Escape Takes Two Unlikely Allies on a Romantic Adventure Along a Desert Trail

Since orphaned at age twelve, Carmela Wade has lived a lie orchestrated by her uncle, pretending to be a survivor of an Indian kidnapping and profiting from telling her made-up story on the speaker circuit. But as she matures into adulthood, Carmela hates the lies and longs to be free. On a stagecoach in Arizona Territory, Carmela and her uncle are fellow passengers with US Marshal Freeland McKay and his handcuffed prisoner.

The stage is attacked. Now a chance to make a new life may suddenly be within Carmela’s reach. . .if she can survive the harsh terrain and being handcuffed to an unconscious man.

Will Carmela’s wish come true, or will she forever be branded by her past?

Book Review:
Firstly thanks to netgalley for my review copy.

I have been reading books by Susan paige Davis for many years and have always enjoyed them as she writes many different genres. This book is a historical with a mystery. The book starts with Carmela at around the age of 14 and upset she has to tell the story her uncle forces her to tell. It is here she meets a young boy who says he will get his brother to help only for her uncle to come and take her away before he gets back.

Fast forward to when shes around 20 we see Carmela and her uncle on the stage along with the local Sheriff who is transporting a prisoner to the state capital. As they travel on they encounter both Indians and outlaws. Here uncle is hurt and she ends up handcuffed to the Sheriff in the Arizona heat. This is just the start of the story and from here we see what will happen. 

I enjoyed the pass of this story and how Carmela has to deal with all her uncle had forced her to do and what she would do. I also really liked Freeland he had integrity and the strength to help her with some of her decisions. There are also secondary characters that are very endearing and pivotal for the story. The story deals with forgiveness both from others and forgiving yourself. If you enjoy historical fiction I would recommend this book. 

This book will be released on March 1st.


  1. I've read and enjoyed a lot of Susan Page Davis novels - I'm pleased to hear she has another one out. Thanks for the review, Jenny.


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