Tuesday 16 May 2017

Street Teams by Darlene Franklin

Please join me in welcoming Darlene Franklin to our blog today. Darlene is writing about street teams and how she created and uses hers.

I “met” Jenny Blake online several years ago. Jenny, do you remember when that was? Now I’m privileged to have Jenny on my street team, and I’m honored she asked me to share my experience with street teams. (Jenny here not sure but would have had to been over 10 years I first had you on my blog in 2008 and it was before that I sent an email saying I loved some books)

I created a street team for one basic reason: to create a group of people specifically committed to promoting my books through reviews and social media.

I enlisted members from the ACFW loop and created a Facebook group called “Darlene Franklin’s Friends.” When several people dropped out after a year, I created a second group: “Darlene Franklin’s Street Team.” I give the street team copies of my new books, and in return, I give them specific responsibilities.

I like to think my requirements are reasonable: I ask my team to read and review one longer book every three months (or several novellas), their choice of several titles. I also ask them to share Facebook and Twitter posts two-three times a week.

 If a street team member is unable to continue with those responsibilities, they become part of my friends group instead. When they’re able to, my friends can still request and write reviews. With that option, people don’t have to feel guilty if they can’t meet their commitments—and I don’t worry about people who don’t live up to their commitments.

Many of my team members also support other authors. God bless ‘em! And after a time, they get burned out. Currently my team includes me, my editor, and twenty-two friends.
I’ve turned over the task of posting to my Facebook page to my social media assistant. My Street Team receives every post. (Other such pages include my author page, my friends page, and my publisher’s page.) We post information about current and older titles, memes, blogs where I am a guest and updates on my blog. These are the posts I hope my team will share with others.

We also post pictures I’ve colored, quotes I enjoy, and questions for us to discuss.  I hope this fosters friendship as well as partnership, but participation is totally voluntary.

If I can toot my own horn, I am always open to adding people to my team. If you’re interested, stop by

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  1. Jenny, thank you for inviting Darlene to share with us today!

    Darlene, thank you for this wealth of information. I've been on a couple of street teams, but they were for one-off books, and not nearly so established or organised as you are. Well done on creating such a team, and thank you for sharing. It's given me plenty of ideas to work on!

    1. Thanks for commenting Iola. I have done a couple one off books too but I do like Darlene's team where its for more than one book. I enjoy the interaction with other members also.

    2. If most street teams are for a single book, no wonder my members get tired when they are asked to maintain the pace I request! I appreciate your help, Jenny.I also enjoy interaction with my team members. You are the nerve center of my ministry.

    3. Iola, I'm always surprised when someone calls me established or organized (organize vs organise. American vs. British?) I'm slowly growing in my ability to use social media to promote my books. I hope it helps you with your writing.

    4. Hi Darlene, thanks for visiting with us and sharing about your street team. It makes sense to promote a number of books rather than a single book. We're blessed, as a writing community, to have so many readers who are willing to support authors and share their love for books on social media. :)

    5. Narelle, we are very blessed indeed! There is little more exciting to me as an author than to meet an enthusiastic reader.


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