Wednesday 11 October 2017

Please, see me!

In a week's time will be Senior's week in Australia. Various activities are planned to celebrate this time. For 18 years as part of my ministry I was involved with a retirement village and nursing home. From out of that came a devotional book 'Dynamic Ageing' (available in Christian book shops or from me).
The following poem embodies a little of what I learnt.

What do you see,
When you look at me
Confined though I be
Through age and frailty?
 Look not on my decrepit form                                       
Pity not my senility
Peer beneath my wrinkled brow
Discover my true identity.

A passer-by sees but ‘the outer’
Unaware of the real ‘inner’.
Hidden within are many stories
Of love, loss, faith and glory
Friendships, family, my history
All which moulded me
Though they, you will not see,
Made me, me!

                To see only my frailty
                Cheapens my humanity.
                I’m expendable,

Come, let me share my history,
Listen as I share my journey, 
Those difficult turbulent years
Of upheaval, triumph, joys, tears
Forgotten now in easier years.
We had community, we belonged
Life was tough, friendships strong,
Things for which I do so long.

                Now our importunity 
                Is your opportunity
                To give us dignity
                By compassion’s sincerity

You, like I, must walk from youth to age
Each step you’ll write upon life’s page,
Face it with faith in the God who cares.
Through His word, in times of despair
Find wisdom and hope for you to endure
And His grace to help you, to Him, be true.
Then, when our life’s race and battles end
We’ll be received by our Lord as His friend.

Copyright Ray Hawkins October 2017.
Ray is author of 8 themed devotionals. His latest 'The Warrior Lord's Triumph has just been released.
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  1. It's interesting you should post this, Ray, as it's a current topic of discussion at my church. I'll have to suggest Dynamic Ageing to them.

  2. Hi Iola. If anyone is interested in D.A. I have them and I think they are on Ebook. Most shops have sold out but not re-ordered, at least from me. Be interested to know how your discussion pans out. Thanks for your comments.


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