Monday 13 November 2017

Best of the ACW Archives ~ Creative Nonfiction Part 1

By Nola Passmore

If It's Creative and Nonfiction, Does That Mean We Make It Up?

I once went on a mission trip to Mexico as part of Youth With A Mission. Our first outreach in Guadalajara was organised by a group of Christian women who wanted to share the gospel in their neighbourhood. We performed some dramas to a crowd of about forty to fifty. Then one of the local pastors preached a short message and asked people to indicate if they’d like to receive Christ. The entire group came forward for prayer. It was an incredibly moving experience and we were full of praise and thanks to God.

Although everything I’ve just told you is true, it’s not presented in a particularly interesting way. The version I had published in one of the Aussie Stories books began like this:

‘It was hot and humid; the air so thick we got puffed just walking around. Our heavy black tracksuit pants didn’t help. Every movement was an effort. We were about to do our first street performance in Mexico.’

Do you think that opening is an improvement?

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