Friday 3 November 2017

Best of the ACW Archives ~ I Wanted to Cry

 By Iola Goulton

A few weeks ago, I received an email that made me want to cry.

It looked innocent enough—a request from a debut author for me to review her book. My website said I wasn’t currently accepting review requests, but that’s only kind of true. I still look at each request I receive and consider it, as I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to read and review a great book.

So I read her email instead of just sending my standard “I’m not currently accepting books for review” response.

She says:
I chose to publish [book title] independently to retain control over my book.
That’s fine. I have no issue with whether a book is traditionally published or independently published, as long as it’s good, and in a genre I like.
My book is considered to be Christian Romance.
Christian romance? Excellent—it's one of my favourite genres. She continues:
There is love in the book … but I don’t feel it overwhelms with Romance. I would rather it be called Historical Fiction …
Well, I like historical fiction as well, so that’s not a sticking point. But what she said next got me worried:
but alas … I don’t have that much control over it.
That’s a red flag. You, the self-published author, don’t have control over your book’s genre? And this seems to contradict her choosing to publish “independently to retain control over my book”.

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