Friday 17 November 2017

Researching & Writing Radio Programs

John Hills - Producer, George & Rita - Co-speakers

F18 fighter jets have a voice in the cockpit warning them of trouble. At times that voice will command, "Pull up!" Pull up!" or "Altitude! Altitude!" And they know to obey. Many a pilot says with gratitude that this voice had saved their lives.

As a co-presenter on FM Australia-wide program, Vantage Point, perhaps I speak with a different viewpoint from most writers. And the above is an example of one way we begin a program to catch listeners' attention.

I freely admit ACW, CWDU and ICFW blogs have been a great help in obtaining great material. Of course I have always asked permission from the original sources, AKA blog members. Happily they have all been willing for me to use their work which is credited. Rose Dee is a case in point. When I read her marvellous blog, 'Never Smile at a Crocodile' with her analogy equating the croc's habits with the devil, I wanted to use it. And we sent her an MP3 to listen to it.

Recently I also asked Deidre Blackmore for her material about honey bees and they way they work together to produce something so beautiful. It's amazing what writers write about that can be used so well in a program people listen to. Vantage Point is a Christian program but we always begin with the secular. The Lord Jesus Christ spoke this way to His listeners using familiar experiences then relating it to the spiritual.

I am hoping as you read this, my fellow writers, that you might see how you could be a part of this outreach to our unknown audience right across Australia. If you have ideas of anything that could be used as an analogy with Christian teaching then use your talent! We'd love to hear from you.

Unusual ideas? Send via email to (without spaces)  ritagal  @  optusnet  dot  com dot  au

BIO:    Indie Publisher, Rita Galieh has written a trilogy of historical  novels & also contributed to several US anthologies. She is now completing a third historical romance series. Besides her weekly blog, she can be found on Facebook and  

Rita studied art at the National Art School. After their marriage, she and her husband attended Emmaus Bible College, and were also involved with Christian Television on Sydney’s Channel Nine. She enjoys giving her fun-filled presentations of Etiquette of the Victorian Era in costume.

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  1. Hi Rita, Thanks for providing us with an insight into how Vantage Point is created. A wonderful outreach ministry. :)


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