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January Latest Releases

Playing God by Morton Benning (Stone Table Books, 7 November 2017) 

Keenley Turnshoe is a young apprentice cleric living in Utopia, a medieval-like fantasy world of magic and monsters. But unknown to Keenley and the other inhabitants of Utopia, their world is also the virtually rendered plaything of a very wealthy and self-absorbed young man named Jeff, AKA the Great God Avatar.
When Jeff’s ‘answering machine’, the Deus Interface, decides that it is the Great God Avatar, it identifies Jeff as a threat and strands him in his own virtual world. Jeff seeks help from Keenley and his companions as he tries to return to his virtual throne room.
As they risk their lives on a quest to find the Great God, will they discover the true identity of their difficult travelling companion? And will the Deus Interface be able to locate and destroy them before they fulfil their quest?

Shadowwalker by Catch Tilly (Stone Table Books, 10 October 2017) 

“There’s a dragon watching me when I wake up.”
As the Death Lord’s daughter, seventeen-year old Uriel is comfortable walking the lavender-scented tunnels of death. She’s not pleased to be dragged back to the living realm of Meldin. It’s a world of laser-edged swords and shape-changing dragons, where the Lord of the World has sworn to kill her father.

Beast-Speaker The Flight by W.A. Noble (Stone Table Books, 7 November 2017) 

Children are disappearing from the city of Seddon without a trace. The city gates are locked and guarded, but still the children disappear. One night, Seeger and his friend Boyd are taken and they at last understand the mystery. The abductors are using dragons!
Two days later they arrive at the city of Midrash, where everything serves the military machine – including children who are forced to become soldiers. In a world in which they are daily confronted with violence and the loss of innocence, Seeger and Boyd struggle to maintain their humanity and their friendship. Their only hope of escape lies with a unique gift Seeger has discovered – but one which he must keep secret from his captors. He can speak to dragons.

Beast-Speaker Dragon-Friend by W.A. Noble (Stone Table Books, 7 November 2017) 

Escaping from Midrash was not easy, even riding on the back of a dragon. Seeger promised his friend Boyd he would return with help to set him and the other child soldiers free from the brutality of the Midrashi.
What he does not know is that it will nearly be a year before he finally returns, across the desert, with an army and five dragons. But what will he find after all this time? Can the Midrashi be defeated? And what has become of Boyd and the other children?

Stories Aren't Just For Kids by Christine Dillon (Indie Published, Mid December 2017)

In a world increasingly anti-Christian, how can you communicate in a way that slides under listener's defences? How can you leave them hungry for more?
Stories are God-designed way to impact hearts.
But many Christians reject stories as just for kids. Christine Dillon has trained thousands of people in storytelling. 10 myths come up over and over again, and they block Christians from using this life-changing ministry tool.
MYTH 1: Adults won’t listen to stories
MYTH 2: Stories are only for non-literate cultures
MYTH 3: Men won’t listen to stories ...
MYTH 6: Storytelling won’t grow mature disciples
MYTH 8: Storytelling will lead to heresy ...

Using stories from around the world Dillon tackles each myth and challenges you to master this tool. 

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  1. Was there no room to enter the particulars of 'The Sides of Heaven' Jenny? Perhaps you're leaving it for next month? Hazel

    1. Hi Hazel, We have a process for collecting book information in the ACW Facebook Group. We can include your book next month after you provide the book information to Jenny.

      I encourage Australasian authors with new and upcoming book releases to join our Australasian Christian Writers Facebook Group and look out for Jenny Blake’s monthly requests for book information.

      Please remember that Jenny, Iola and I are volunteers and we do our best to support Australasian Christian Writers via the blog and Facebook Group.

  2. Hazel I can only post what info I have been sent. I asked you on the FB page to send me the info. If you want it included next month please send me the information to my email address as I don't have the energy to go hunting for info. I will put the call out again for Feb in about a week.

  3. Looks like some fantastic reads. Congrats to the authors 😊📚💖

  4. Congratulations to all the authors with recent releases :)

    1. Christine Dillon’s book is currently free on Kindle (see the Amazon link in the post).


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