Thursday, 29 March 2018

Best of the ACW Archives - Book Review: Sway by Amy Matayo

Review by Andrea Grigg  @andreagrigg 

You know how a book sometimes just grabs you by the throat …

Catherine Hudson recommended Sway to me (in an almost incoherent message punctuated with exclamation marks) so I knew it would be good. I’d never heard of Amy Matayo so I checked her out on Amazon. There were two previous books and I read those first. Glad I did it that way around. They were entertaining, but Sway? Whoa.

Yes, it’s a romance. That’s the bulk of what I read. And I think it’s because Caleb and Kate take turns in telling us the story in first person, present tense that the story is extra special. And Amy Matayo’s use of imagery and figurative language is fabulous along with a bunch of pithy statements like: 

'Assumptions aren’t usually pretty, and they’re hardly ever right. Kind of like thinking a girl is shallow just because she likes the colour pink.’ 

Love it.

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