Thursday 17 May 2018

Book Review: All Roads Lead Home by Darlene Franklin

Jenny Blake | @ausjenny

All Roads Lead Home
Darlene Franklin


One day Graceanne Willis was enjoying a softball game between the Waynoka Harvey Girls team and a team made of train engineers from the same depot.

Then Charles Lindberg landed on the playing field and announced his plans make Waynoka the hub of the first ever transcontinental transport service by air-and-train. Graceanne’s beau Peter is offered a job with the fledgling air transport

Does Graceanne trust God—and Peter--enough to let go? The two of them embark on a cross country journey to discover whether their paths will merge, or head in separate directions.

My Review:

Firstly Thanks to the author for my review copy.

This is a nice novella about the Harvey Girls. I didn't really know much about the Harvey Girls. I had vaguely heard of them but didn't know much more and what I thought I knew was wrong. The Harvey Girls work in restaurants along the railway and have strict rules. 

In this book we Graceanne and Peter playing softball when a plane lands and it's none other than Charles Lindberg. He is looking at building a new airfield and transport hub. Peter is offered a job but isn't sure if he should take it as it may mean losing Graceland. 

I do enjoy Darlene's books and this book didn't disappointed. As well as learning about the Harvey Girls and some of the network, I learnt more about Charles Lindberg. I found I wanted to know what would happen and would love to read more books about the Harvey Girls. 

Good Read. 

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