Wednesday 25 July 2018

From a Whisper to a Shout

Omega Writers annual conference is fast approaching, and I want to encourage you to consider coming along. Being together with other writers is a huge encouragement in itself. Writers are a unique breed, having a creative personality, and always on the lookout for ways to make their communication more effective.

You MUST come if it is possible. We will have work-shopping streams for all forms of writing:
Fiction; non-fiction; young adult writing; children’s books; screenwriting and even a stream that will discuss marketing yourself and your work. 

We will have publishers and editors available for appointment, and for pitching by appointment.
Alex Marestaing is back by popular demand, as our keynote speaker. Travelling from the USA, Alex gave an inspiring presentation last year, and we will feature him on more occasions this time around.

Please visit the website and have a look at the program. I hope you will join us. You will find details on the website on how to book your place. There are various options including several billeting options for those on a tighter budget.

This year, the conference is being held in the beautiful city of Adelaide (and I might be a bit biased, as that is my home state). We will be situated at The Monastery Conference centre at the base of the Adelaide Hills. Once again, visit the website for all details.

Here is an excerpt from a recent radio interview I did with Adelaide’s Life 1079 radio station.

On another note, we will be holding our Omega Writers’ Annual General Meeting on Friday evening of conference and as always, I strongly encourage you to consider becoming a financial member, if you are not already. Why? There is the ‘what’s in it for me?’ angle to consider, and you will find the benefits of membership listed on our website. But I would like you also to consider, ‘how can my being a member help others?’ angle. 

Omega Writers is a network and support group who functions mostly with volunteer administration and facilitation. We hope to improve opportunities to connect writers with other writers, and also to connect them with ways and means to grow and move forward towards publishing. Having members who support us through financial membership, and even better, support us through volunteer activity, helps Omega Writers to achieve some of these aims. The more people on board, the further we will be able to go. If you’d like to consider becoming a financial member, please do so through our website. If you’d then like to attend our AGM, you will be notified of the time and agenda before the meeting. If you have bright ideas you think would aid in our growth, the best way to bring those ideas forward is to become an active member. 

I hope to meet up with you at conference.

Many Blessings

Meredith Resce

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President of Omega Writers Australasia


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