Friday 5 October 2018

Just three words...


I had a rare day off work the other week and I vowed to myself that I wasn’t going to procrastinate and waste the precious few hours I had all to myself. I had plans. Big plans. I decided to hop in my car with my dog, and drive to one of my favourite spots. I was going to get me some uninterrupted, indulgent writing time. I promised myself that I would stay totally focused and amaze myself of how much writing I would actually get done.   

Procrastination goals - 0    Writing goals - 100

Heck yaasss!

8.20am - Arrive at my destination. Really cold. Hmmm, won’t be sitting outside at my favourite picnic bench then. So, first things first — coffee.

8.32am - After a stretch of all six legs through the park, we arrive at the coffee shop. The sign says it would be open at 9.00am.  Okay, so I have to wait 28 minutes for my large full cream latte, no dramas.  

8.45am - Sitting in my car with my laptop open and ready to write. My dog comfortably settled on the back seat with me. 

8.52am - Watch a police car pull someone over and book them for speeding. 

8.53am - Need to stop watching the red and blue lights of the police car and start writing.

9.02am - Yay! Coffee shop is now open, but it’s raining and I’ll get soaked walking to the coffee shop.  

9.07am - Decide to get coffee when rain has stopped. Just keep writing.

9.20am - Rain is not stopping. Thunder claps in the sky above. Ask myself questions like,  Why am I sitting in my car when it’s pouring with rain? I could be at my desk, writing, in the warmth of my house. 

9.57am - Arrive home. Open laptop and carry on writing. 

10.08am - Re-read what I’ve written. It kinda sucks. 

10.11am - Think to myself that my writing isn’t good enough. 

10.16am - What makes me think that I can actually write?

10.17am - Everyone’s writing is so much better than mine. Am I just fooling myself that I can live my dream and make a difference in this world? 

10.20am - 300 words and I’ve lost my creative flow already. I SO NEED A COFFEE!!

As writers, if we told everyone that yes, the words flow all the time and yes, we can knock out a full manuscript by morning tea, we’d be lying. 

Those moments when we’re staring wide-eyed at the blank page on our computer, wondering if the words will ever come is a real struggle. We fight the fear of thinking that no one will care whether we write or not and wrestle with our procrastination, telling ourselves that if we tick off our “to do” list before actually sitting down to write then at least we have achieved something in the 24 hours God has given us.  

The more we beat ourselves up, the more the enemy fans the flames of our insecurities. He'll make sure you stop writing all together. Because here's the truth, he couldn’t care less if you wrote 10,000 words every day or 10 words, as long as you don’t write the three words he doesn’t want anyone to read. 


  Just three words, but they say so much.


 These three words remind me of how faithful and kind Jesus is. They let me know that even in my worse moments, Jesus still loves me, He’s still for me and He wants me to know that in my weakness, He is strong. 

“I delight to fulfil your will, my God, for your living words are written upon the pages of my heart.” Psalm 40:8 (The Passion Translation) 

The words we carry in our hearts my friend, are His words. We as Christian writers have a responsibly to tell the world that Jesus loves them. The greatest tragedy is to let the enemy quench our words that have the potential to speak into a persons heart and let them know how much they are loved by a God who created the whole universe and named each one of the stars, but still wants to have a relationship with us.   

So, let’s not beat ourselves up because we haven’t fulfilled our writing goals for the day. You don’t need to write 30,000 words. You don’t even need to write 300 words. Just write three words…


And watch the enemy flee. 

Wendy xo

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  1. Lovely, honest post, Wendy--thank you. And yes, the most important bottom line in everything we write and in life in general are those three words 'Jesus loves me', for sure.

  2. Procrastination is one of my biggest talents ... so thank you for the reminder that what I do (or don't do) isn't the most important).


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