Thursday 22 November 2018

CALEB Award Review | Camp Max by Penny Reeve

Review by Jenny Blake | @ausjenny

Omega Writers is a Christian writing group serving Australian, New Zealand, and South Pacific Christian Writers. They held their annual writing conference the last weekend on October, in Adelaide, South Australia.

One much-anticipated part of conference is the Saturday night award ceremony for the CALEB Award. CALEB stands for:

Christian Authors Lifting Each others' Books

About Camp Max

Attention, campers! Seeking maximum adventure? Looking for maximum fun? You need CAMP MAX!

Tania's all set to go on camp! She's planned which cabin she'll be in, what snacks to take, she's even arranged for her best friend Emily to come.

There's one small problem though: Emily's parents gave away the money that would have bought her ticket. Luckily the town talent show offers camp tickets as a prize - all they have to do is win.

During their rehearsals, no one's expecting Tania's own ticket to go missing. And when it does, Tania knows she's going to need more than just talent to avert maximum disaster.

A sweet new story about challenges, friendship and family with Tania Abbey.

My Review:

This was an enjoyable book by Penny. I am sure Primary aged children will enjoy the book and also relate to the story. The book is about Tania and her brother Daniel and Her friend Emily and her brother Sam. Tania is so excited about going to Camp Max. She has been a couple of times and can't wait to go again this time with her new friend Emily. The only problem is we learn Emily and Sam didn't apply to go to camp as they used the money for a different reason which you will find when reading the book. The reason leaves Tania questioning why and if she would do the same thing if she was in the same position.

Tania finds a flyer for a talent show with two tickets to Camp Max as prizes. The two girls and boys enter with their own acts to win. What they didn't count on was Tania's ticket going missing. The what ifs start to happen. What if only one wins a ticket etc. Reading the bible helps Tania with some hard questions and we see how it all plays out. I don't want to say to much as I hate giving away stories.

I read this book while in the city to watch cricket. I was able to read it during break time and loved every minute of it. This would be a great stocking filler for a young Girl for Christmas.

About Jenny Blake

AUSJENNY is a cricket fanatic who loves reading although not reading as much as she use to. She loves to be able to help promote good Christian books and support authors.

You can read the introduction to Camp Max below:

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