Monday 10 December 2018

December 2018 New Releases

Three Dummies in a Dinghy Edited by Claire Bell, James Cooper and Mark Worthing (Morning Star Publishing, October 2018) 

Three Dummies in a Dinghy is the third instalment of the Stories of Life series.
In it, ordinary Australians share their extraordinary stories of faith and life. Some tales are humourous, others are entertaining and upbeat. But not all are happy stories. Many writers describe how they were found by a loving God in the midst of doubts and great suffering, and the circumstances don’t always get easier. But the message still comes through loud and clear that God is faithful, near and active in the lives of ordinary people.
We discover that there are unsung heroes of all kinds among us. With their encouragement we can open our eyes a little wider, see more clearly, and trust more deeply in the boundless kindness of our Lord.
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Deadly Misdirection by R J Amos (independent release, 23 November 2018) 

Coffee, hot cross buns, and … murder?
The anticipation of a five day break and the unexpectedly warm Easter weather makes Alicia eager to get going on her home renovations, despite the fact that she has absolutely no experience and is more at home with a test tube than a paintbrush. She is determined to get ahead with her laboratory preparations so that she can leave early and make the most of the Easter break.
That is, until she discovers the dead body of a student in a car outside the chemistry building.
Now all she wants to do is find out why Eloise died and not lose her job in the process.
Come and join Alicia and her friends Jan and Nate as they solve another cosy mystery in the delightful small town of Kingston Beach, Tasmania.
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Second Chances by Carol Ashby (Cerrillo Press, November 26 2018) 

Must the shadows of the past destroy the hope of the future?

In AD 122, Cornelia Scipia, proud daughter of one of Rome's noblest families, learns her adulterous husband plans to betroth their daughter to the vicious son of his best friend. Over her dead body! Cornelia divorces him, reclaims her enormous dowry, and kidnaps her own daughter. She plans to start over with Drusilla a thousand miles away. No more husbands for her. But she didn’t count on meeting Hector, the widowed Greek captain of the ship carrying her to her new life.

Devastated by the loss of his wife and daughter, Hector’s heart begins to heal as he befriends Drusilla. Cornelia’s sacrificial love for Drusilla and her courage and humor in the face of the unknown earn his admiration…as a friend. Is he ready for more?

Marriage to the kind, honest sea captain would give Drusilla the father she deserves…and Cornelia the faithful husband she’s always longed for. But while her ex-husband hunts them to drag Drusilla back to Rome, secrets in Hector’s past and the chasms between their social classes and different faiths erect complicated barriers to any future together. Will God give two lonely hearts a second chance at happiness?

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