Wednesday 3 June 2015

If books could think

Writers give their books a voice. Anyone who gazes upon the cover blurb or opens to a page hears the ‘voice.’ The way it speaks through the person’s eyes to their mind and heart will have various impacts. We all hope the voice will motivate the individual to buy it.

Our house has many books, and I have no doubt so does yours. Old favourites have pride of place on bookshelves. As I looked at our shelves I wondered if those books were looking at me, and thinking thoughts only books could think. The following poem arose from such wondering.


A Good Old Book Reflects

I see them

As they pass by,

All types, ages.

 Some linger,


While others

See me not at all.

Those who pause to touch,

Gaze upon my faded cover,


Fond memories

Of days

When I was well read.

I hear them

Wanting to know

‘What can I show?’

To help them


To spend

As with a true friend.

Those who unlock my story

Are taken upon a journey,


Across genres

To realms

That create dreams.

I miss them

When they’ve finished


My mysteries.


A new book

Seduces their eyes.

Those who spend time with me,

And my worthy paper friends,


Stored treasures

And pleasures,

Our gift to readers.

©Ray Hawkins April 19 2015.


Ray Hawkins has written 6 Devotional meditations of specific Biblical themes: Children, God’s Special Interest. From Eden with Love (The Majesty and Mystery of Marriage. Bethlehem’s Warrior Babe. Captured by Calvary. Dynamic Ageing. Signposts to Happiness.

He also has one book of poems: We Love Because…

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  1. Hi Ray, Love your poem. I can feel the book's loneliness - but what a journey it can take us on.

  2. Ray, how lovely. You've captured the essence of what a good novel does for their reader.

    Thanks for sharing your poem with us.

  3. Thanks Jeannette and Ian for taking the time to comment. As you appreciate, it is always good to get some feed-back. Hope you both are enjoying the journey of in your books.

  4. If books could think ... our speculative writers could take that idea somewhere, I'm sure.

    Lovely poem!

  5. Neat poem.

    The cover and title, I think, speaks to readers first. Then the blurbs and description whisper encouragement, finally the internal words, with the strongest voice of all.

  6. Thanks Iola and Terry. I trust you are having a great time in the realm of words. Thanks for yours to me.


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