Tuesday 1 September 2015

September New Releases and a free writing contest!

Ehvah After by Rose Dee (independent release, 25 August 2015)

Ehvah Rowe’s life is in freefall. Her teen queen status is long forgotten, and with a childhood of tragic loss, no family save a diabolical aunt, and no career prospects, her L.A. celebrity world holds no future. It will take a murder, an escape to the Australian tropics, and the friendship of an Aussie bodyguard, for her to discover healing, faith, and a way forward.

David Blake knows how to be a soldier. His army training equipped him to fight and protect. But when it comes to helping a fear-filled celebrity navigate the same post-traumatic stress symptoms he has suffered, David discovers the challenge in forsaking his own strength for God’s plan.

Rose Dee weaves a story of mystery, drama and romance, in her trademark tropical North Queensland Australian style.


Narelle here. This week our Australasian Christian Writers (ACW) blog is celebrating its second birthday. Two years ago we launched the blog and Facebook group. I'm thrilled to see how ACW has evolved into a vibrant community of writers and readers from around the world.

To celebrate our blog birthday we're doing something a little different. One of our group goals is to promote excellence in Christian writing. Andrea Grigg, Iola Goulton and I are offering a free writing contest for Australasian writers of contemporary Christian romance. 

I've listed below a few of the key points relating to the contest. We'll be running the contest in the ACW Facebook Group. Next week we will have the full contest rules available in a file in the Facebook Group. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Australasian Christian Writers Contemporary Christian Romance Contest 
  • FREE entry for Australasian writers (permanent residents in Australasia).
  • Open to published and unpublished writers, one entry per person.
  • Deadline: 31 OCTOBER 2015.
  • Entrants must belong to the ACW Facebook Group for the duration of the contest.
  • Jenny Blake will be co-ordinating the contest in the ACW Facebook Group.
  • FIRST ROUND: Enter the FIRST FIVE PAGES of a contemporary Christian romance novel or novella (projected manuscript word count of at least 20,000 words).
  • FIRST ROUND JUDGES: Andrea Grigg, Iola Goulton and Narelle Atkins. The three judges will read every entry and rank the entries to determine the top 3. The judging process will be blind and the judges will not know the identity of the writers who have entered the contest. The top 3 entries will progress to the final round. Each entrant will receive ONE non-numerical scoresheet with feedback from one of the judges. 
  • FINAL ROUND: Finalists will submit their FIRST CHAPTER AND SYNOPSIS. The synopsis is for information only and won't be judged. The three judges will complete a non-numerical scoresheet for each finalist entry and rank the entries to determine the winner.
  • WINNER'S PRIZE: FIVE critiques of the winner's FIRST THREE CHAPTERS AND SYNOPSIS. The identity of the critiquers will be announced in the ACW Facebook Group.
Andrea, Iola and I look forward to reading and judging your entries! Good luck!    


  1. Happy 2nd Anniversary, ACW. Great job to everyone involved and special acknowledgement of Narelle, Jenny, and Iola who keep us organised.

    Here's to a great 3rd year!

  2. Yes, I love special anniversaries! Just celebrated our fifty-fith!

    This is a great encouragement to Aussie writers, girls. Go for it. You have three wise judges too!

  3. Really looking forward to reading Rose's book :)

  4. Congratulations Rose on the recent release of your latest book. And congratus ACW on your second anniversary.

    I'm almost tempted to write a contemporary romance for the writing comp but it's probably straying too far from my fantasy adventure stamping grounds. All the best to the contestants.

  5. Happy, happy birthday ACW. What a way to celebrate - giving a generous and loving gift like this to a writer. Thank you so much for including my new release in the celebrations.

    xo Rose.

  6. Congratulations, Rose. The contest is a great idea to celebrate ACW which has been great to keep in touch with other Christian writers. I wrote for far too many years without this kind of fellowship and do treasure you all.


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