Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Plant-based Vitamin for Writers

Just writing this makes me crave a bite of my delicious brown vitamin! There must be a scientific reason why my mouth is watering right now. And even more interesting, why - when I am writing- the words come as smooth as the chocolate I am devouring.

And when writing my romance I need its comfort when I am so deeply involved in the struggle my protagonists go through to actually end up together.

So in my opinion, chocolate and romance seem so right for each other. Now, enough of chocolate.

How should we define Romance? Is it simply a thrilling feeling? Attraction?  A 'can't eat-can't sleep-for-thinking-of-him/her ailment? All of these?

I'm not the one with the answers as I am unashamedly biased. Yes I enjoy mystery, suspense, an occasional sci-fi, but I LOVE a true romance! Would you believe (perish the wicked thought) some view true romance as a little out-of-date?

If we judge romance by what we often see on TV and the way relationships are depicted, then we can understand where this jaded opinion comes from. Most often romance is mistaken for straight out lust. And everything is named sexy and hot. And it shows passion is immediate and the girl falls into bed for the equally 'sexy  male' who gets what he wants  then eventually moves to greener pastures. 

Of course attraction comes into play, and being human we have desires that we either learn to control, or allow them to control us. That is such a shame. A lost opportunity  for true romance to enter the relationship. Even the Bible speaks about 'the way of a man with a maid'. Look at nature, some of the courtship rituals of birds are amazing, but they're there and for a purpose. 

Every woman wants to be loved. Really loved for herself ... not just her body alone. She wants to be courted and shown courtesies. Lots of little things that add up to that person's actions saying they truly care for their sweetheart. Yet even there some men can be predators. They can cleverly twist an innocent into believing they are loved. The true test comes if they are willing to wait until marriage to consummate their love. A girl is not a car to test drive to see if she is compatible. What a sick comparison.

OLD -FASHIONED?  No one cares about waiting today. Maybe so, but they are truly missing out on a beautiful romance. because in itself, romance is the promise of a far deeper experience,  that of genuine, long lasting love. As writers with a Christian World View, basing our stories on the reality of true love is totally relevant for today.

Yet being human, mistakes are made. But that's where forgiveness comes in. First in forgiving ourselves and then with God's help a fresh, new beginning is always possible. How many stories have you read where the heroine discovers this for herself? They are truly touching. And we can identify with her. Also, a man willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his sweetheart is a man we are drawn to.

I especially enjoy writing the historical romance genre. I love the way a man and a woman are attracted despite circumstances conspiring to keep them apart. Even so the temptations they face are at odds with the social proprieties of the day. Yet love prevails and somehow they find a way through what seems an impossibility. Perhaps that's why I am drawn to write about the Victorian Era with all its undercurrents, intrigues and meddling relatives adding plot twists to the story.

My brand is: Everything can change in a heartbeat.
Rita Stella Galieh is a co-presenter on a Christian radio program broadcast Australia-wide. She was a contributor to several US anthologies published by Adams Media. An attendee at several conferences, she has judged for ACFW, contributes to other writers’ organisations, blogs weekly, and participates daily on Facebook. After several years study at the Sydney National Art School, she joined the family ceramics business before attending Emmaus Bible College. Each year, besides Australia, she travels with her violinist husband throughout Thailand, with permission from the Buddhist Government, to explain the true meaning of Christmas. 

This past year she has enjoyed presenting the amusing Etiquette of the Victorian Era presentation to ladies and seniors fellowships, dinners, coffee evenings and similar functions. Her website is