Wednesday 18 September 2013

It’s all about the ducks …

By Andrea Grigg

I'd been racking my brains for weeks, trying to think of what to write for my first ACW blogpost. Then the other morning while on my walk, I came around the corner and saw these guys (or gals - I have no idea!) ... and found my inspiration.

Some of you may have been toying with the idea of writing for a very long time. Remember that conversation you overheard that made you wonder what would happen if the person chose option A or B? …

Or the number of times you’ve thrown down a book in disgust, thinking you could do a better job …

And way back in high school, you used to be pretty good at writing poetry, but then life came along and you buried your passion while you got on with things ... 

I have a feeling there are a lot of you out there who are waiting for your ducks to line up before you even consider beginning that novel or memoir or poem or cookbook. But let me give you a tip: it's never going to be the perfect time!

Question: What if the idea simmering away in the recesses of your brain is a life-changer? 

That's how it was for me. I'd never seriously thought about writing a book until an incident occurred in the life of one of my friend's sons which triggered a whole gamut of ideas, taking me completely by surprise. They just wouldn't go away, and so, after three years of mulling them over, I came home from work one afternoon, booted up the laptop and wrote 'Chapter One' at the top of a blank page ... my ducks had lined up without me even realising.

We're on this incredible journey called life, created and chosen by God to be here in this particular time and this particular place, for which I'm very thankful. (I can't imagine what it would’ve been like to write a book by quill and candlelight, can you?) So if you have a hankering to write something down and get it out there, maybe you just need a nudge.

Consider yourself nudged.

By the way, it doesn’t matter if your ducks aren’t perfect. The ones in my photo aren’t either. They’re timid, slightly straggly, and rather ordinary; a bit like the average human, really.

God loves to see his children explore their creativity, the same way we do with our own kids. And don't think for a minute He’s not interested, that our paltry (ahem, poultry?) ideas aren’t worth it. God's passionate about words – isn't that how creation came into being?

But if you're a little afraid to take the plunge into the world of words, take heart. God is on your side – and so are we. And if you need help, advice, an answer to a question, or simply some encouragement, please contact any of the writers here at ACW. We would love to help you embark on your writing journey. Each of us took the plunge at some point – we know how you feel.

So, come on. Dust off those ideas, fire up that computer, take a deep breath … and fly!



  1. Love your post Andrea - how true, we just have to start! I kept saying 'I'm writing a story'
    13 years later and 3 completed manuscripts I manage to call myself a writer.
    Come on - take the plunge! (And yes, we here at ACW will be here when it doesn't feel like the difficult days are going to roll away like water off a ducks back!)

  2. Great, encouraging post, Andrea--I can hear your warm, friendly voice even as I read it! I talked about writing for so long and drove one of our daughters so crazy in the process that eventually she gave me a whole bundle of books on writing and made a little bookmark for me that said 'Write your own!' I still have that bookmark from about twenty years ago and often show it when speaking to secular audiences to encourage them to 'take the plunge'!

  3. Thanks for the post Andrea. Yes, very encouraging. I didn't begin to write novels until I was over fifty, and it took a while before I could talk myself into it, even though the idea had been perculating for many years. It's not that I think now I should have started sooner. There were other things that were taking my time, creativity and energy. But once the notion comes to the front of one's mind - it's time to act! I would also encourage others to take the plunge and let God do as He wants in and through you!

  4. What a beautiful first post, Andrea. I love your gentle encouragement. And how wise to remind us we don't need to wait for the perfect moment. THAT, will never arrive, so we may as well get moving now. :)

    My nudge came from God when I was on an airplane somewhere over the Pacific in 2008. I'm so glad I listened to Him... and the stirring of my heart's desire since the age of 9.

  5. Great post, Andrea. The Spirit's nudges are so so important to respond to. I'm amazed how many times through this writing journey how the Lord uses nudges to direct me, whether it's making contact with a particular publisher or influencer or in story ideas.

    It's wonderful how He wants to be involved in everything we do. It's funny, it's only now in middle-age (gee, that sounds yucky) how I'm appreciating that aspect of my relationship with Him.

  6. Thank you for your encouraging comments, everyone. I feel I have so much in common with you all, be it responses to nudges or comments about middle-age :) And you've all given me an idea for another blogpost, but I'm going to keep it a secret. Thanks and God bless!

  7. Hi Andrea,
    I love your idea of getting your ducks lined up, and the comments from the others of when that happened for them. I can relate to it too. I had the idea for an amnesia in the background while I was working on other things and it took 10 years for the ducks to line up and I felt the 'go-ahead'.

  8. Hi Paula -
    Thanks for stopping by. Every story has it's own story it seems :) Some just fly in, others simmer away for years. I love how everyone's experience is different and is for every book, no doubt. Interesting reading, you might say!

  9. Poultry? Sigh.

    Excellent post. It's never going to be the 'right' time to do anything, so make now the right time!

  10. Andrea, I love your duck analogy :) The ducks sometimes line up in a obvious, meaningful way, and other times we push on through adversity despite the obstacles in our path. Thanks for sharing :)


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