Thursday 17 April 2014

Book Review Broken Melody by Trudy Adams

Broken Melody by Trudy Adams

 Cover blurb     Seventeen year-old Danae Blackburn has never known love. After being fostered out at two, the family that chose her gradually reduced her to brokenness and a life of fear. For a long time there is only one thing she can turn to – the piano, at which she is amazingly gifted. Torn between a dysfunctional past and a promising future, Danae struggles against everything that threatens her identity –the love of a friend, the challenge of a competition, the possibility of change. At first, the only thing that helps to weaken her defenses is the beauty in music …

My review

I found this a truly moving story about a young woman’s battle with abandonment, abuse, the search for love and a sense of self-worth. Written in the first person, Danae’s journey is told in a very real and moving manner. Her character is well developed, believable and engaging. The characters around her; friends, mentors, those who believe in her, as well as those who torment and abuse her, are equally engaging and real, even though the reader has nothing of their POV. I thought this was very well accomplished.

Danae’s relationship with music, through the learning process, the discovery of her giftedness, its healing power, is beautifully presented and authentic. It suggests Trudy Adams has a good knowledge of music or has done her research well.  A quote from the book that I loved was; Music’s not meant to be understood, only relished. It is its beauty, not its mechanics, that heals.

I also thought the journey in relationships, both with her friend, Kristin and with her step sibling, Kirra-lea, was sensitively written with a genuine understanding of the struggle to trust, to love and to be loved, that would be present in the life of girl so damaged in childhood.

Trudy has written in a way that arouses deep feeling in the reader. The story hides none of what should outrage us about the mistreatment of children, but also leads the reader towards the hope of good coming out of bad, and the place faith in God plays in such a journey. The genuine ups and downs of this journey are gripping and give the story intrigue and tension that keeps the reader turning the pages.

I believe this story is one that will challenge and move any reader, but would be particularly  inspiring for anyone who has experienced foster parenting or mistreatment as a child. The Christian message is authentically present but not forced or overdone and I believe a non-Christian reader would benefit equally from the message from this book without feeling preached at.

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  1. Hi Carol. I think your review is great. It tells me what you enjoyed and what gripped you without telling the plot like so many do. It sure sounds like a book worth reading. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Rita. I do think it's a book worth reading. Really enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks for the review, Carol. I really liked the quote, "Music’s not meant to be understood, only relished. It is its beauty, not its mechanics, that heals." Sounds like a great read. :)

    1. Yes, anyone who appreciates the power of music to heal would love this book

  3. Carol, this book sounds like a fascinating read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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