Tuesday 11 October 2016

October New Releases

Becoming Me: Finding my true self in God by Jo-Anne Berthelsen (JMB Books, 1 October 2016)

In Becoming Me, Jo-Anne Berthelsen shares her own personal struggles with self-doubt, insecurity and perfectionism and her journey towards further self-understanding and freedom. Over time, she learns to allow God’s love and grace to do their transforming work, so that she can become more of the person God created her to be and live life with greater integrity. Her hope is that this book will inspire others to undertake their own journey of allowing God to remove those layers that hide their true and unique self, secure in the knowledge of God’s deep love and acceptance.

Available from, (e-book/print), Books in Stock, Koorong and other Christian bookstores

Chocolate Soldier: The Story of a Conchie by Hazel Barker (Rhiza Press, 1 October 2016)

London. 1940.

When World War II breaks out and men over eighteen are conscripted, Clarence Dover, a conscientious objector, refuses to go rather that compromise his principles.  Instead he joins the Friend's Ambulance Unit.  From the London Blitz to the far reaches of Asia the war tests Clarence in the crucible of suffering.  In the end, will he be able to hold his head up as proudly as the rest and say, to save lives, I risked my own?

One man will stand as God's soldier, not the war's soldier.

Rhiza Press

Once Confronted by Lynne Stringer (Rhiza Press, 1 October 2016)

After a normal day turns disastrous, Madison Craig tries to put her life back together. She’s jumping at shadows and finds even familiar places terrifying. Can she forgive the men who hurt her?
Her friend Evan Mansfield sees no need to do anything but hate their assailants. He struggles with bitterness, but Maddy wants to move on. What will she do when one of the men asks for forgiveness?

Rhiza Press


  1. Congratulations Jo-Anne, Hazel and Lynne. Well done on a significant achievement.

  2. Some great releases this month :) Congrats Jo-Anne, Hazel and Lynne. Enjoyed reading Once Confronted - look forward to reading the other two.


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