Monday, 10 October 2016

The Genre Interview, with Andrea Grigg

Welcome to another genre interview. Today, Gold Coast author, Andrea Grigg, has agreed to answer our questions.

Which genres do you write? 

Andrea: Just romance at the moment, but I'd like to try women's fiction at some stage.

Which market do you write for? (Christian or general, clean reads, etc)

Andrea: My first two books and my novella are for the Christian market, but my next one will be a sweet romance for the general market.

In which genres do you have books available for sale?

Andrea: Romance, romance and romance! You can find me on Amazon here.

How many books have you published in each genre?

Andrea: Three in the romance genre – two novels and one novella

Are you published traditionally, indie, or hybrid?

Andrea: Hybrid. My first two novels were published traditionally with Rhiza Press and my novella is indie published in a box set, along with five other authors: Lacy Williams, Marion Ueckerman, and our own Narelle Atkins, Rose Dee, and Meredith Resce. 

Did genre influence your decision to choose a particular publishing model?

Andrea: No, not at all. I wrote a book, wondered what to do with it, and then the steps appeared in front of me. I guess you could say God led me there ;)

Are your published works available in print, ebook, or both?

Andrea: 'A Simple Mistake' and 'Too Pretty' are available in both print and ebook; 'An Aussie Summer Christmas', the box set containing my novella, 'All is Bright', is ebook only.

Why do you write what you write? Do you feel called to write?

Andrea: It’s a good question, isn’t it? I’ve thought about it a lot.  I write romance because I love reading it. I also love to encourage people – I feel that’s my calling rather than writing itself. However, if I can encourage, or bring hope, or help people feel they’re not alone, and do it through my writing, then I’m doing what I’m supposed to do and I’m content with that.

Many thanks to Andrea Grigg for sharing her thoughts on genre. 

Andrea would love to connect with you on her Facebook author page, or via Twitter, or you could send her an email at


  1. Love how you distinguish between encouragement and writing as your calling. Andrea, may I ask why you've chosen to write a romance for the general market and not stick with the Christian market?

    Wishing you all the best with your encouraging and writing.


  2. Hi Ian - yes, you're allowed to ask that question :)

    My main reason for writing for the general market is I would like to broaden my horizons. Christian fiction here in Australia is such a small niche. I love to write for Aussies and Kiwis first and foremost, and there is a growing market for sweet/clean romance. (I don't like using the word clean, as it suggests sex is dirty, which it isn't, but you get the gist).

    I'm not discounting continuing to write Christian fiction, but being such a slow writer, it would be a huge goal to do both, even though I'd really love to. And I'm picking up readers in the U.S. as a result of the box set, so that's another reason to keep going. Time will tell!

    1. Thanks Andrea. All makes sense. I liked how you seamlessly incorporated Ellie's faith in Too Pretty. It was very natural unlike some Christian novels where it can be a bit clunky.

  3. Great stuff Andrea. As you know I'm cheering you on as you launch into the general market. We really need to come up with a better term than "sweet" romance don't we?

    1. We sure do. Some have suggested 'wholesome' but that doesn't do it for me either. Thanks for all your support - it means the world :)

  4. Enjoyed your first two books, Andrea - look forward to reading your novella. Wonderful calling - to encourage.

  5. I really enjoyed your novella, Andrea. Love your sense of humour and the Aussie-isms. Also a great way to market and break in to a wider audience. Good luck with the next one.

    1. Thanks Nola. And yes, the box set has been so much more helpful than I'd thought as far as my back list is concerned :)

  6. I also love the Australian feelings which come through in your stories, Andrea. They are so genuine that only a true blue Aussie would write them. I hope you have more up your sleeve.

    1. Thank you so much Paula. Encouraging words indeed :)