Friday 10 March 2017

Letters From the Edge

After attending several funerals, and

hearing memories shared from family members, I thought of something I’d like to do. I am going to write a letter to each of my closest family members including nieces and nephews, and my closest friends.

In Old Testament times, blessings were given to the family gathered around the death bed. But none of us really know when our time will come. It could happen in an unexpected accident that leaves no time for ‘goodbyes’. Or a mind that has drifted away from the present. So while you have all your faculties, why not share what each of your loved ones mean to you? And why not leave a special Bible verse with them? The Lord’s Word can touch and reach hearts even more than we can.

This is not maudlin, it’s a way of passing on a heritage of hope to your kin. And something they will always treasure. Maybe it might be a time of apologies for harsh words spoken in haste, leaving a sense of regret to the one who remembers, and never giving closure to that person.

You may be more of a ‘doer’ person, but anyone can write a brief sentence or two, showing what is in your heart. After all, a Last Will and Testament is such a very cut and dried piece of literature, isn’t it?

Have you ever thought along these lines before? Why not make the time to do it? Then just tuck the letters away in a safe place, but where they'll be found.

What do you think?


  1. That's great Rita. I did this last year for Mothers Day. I sent everyone a card, and it was great writing down all the good and praiseworthy things for each one. And they were blessed.

  2. How lovely, Meredith. I'm sure this unexpected thanks was a real blessing for them. Funny how we think folk know what we mean to them, but once they see it in our own words then they know for sure. It's too late after you've gone!

  3. That's a lovely idea, Rita. I'm sure your family and friends will appreciate it. I recently lost my father, and I would love to have had something like that from him.

  4. Oh me, too Iola. Thankfully I do have dad's old Bible and his notes in it but would have loved his personal thoughts to me.

  5. What a gift to your family, Rita. Inspirational!

    1. Thank you, Elaine. I'll tackle this labour of love one piece at a time.

  6. I LOVE this idea Rita....I am a letter writer from way back - so going to do this, thank you! !


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